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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Presto - Conquer Mentally video with Sadat X & Large Professor

Check out Presto's video from his upcoming album State Of The Art dropping on Concrete Grooves June 17, 2008. "Conquer Mentally" features Sadat X & Large Professor. "On" features LOWD. Video directed by Jake York & Marcos Ponce.

Presto is the homie who blessed us with a beat for the track "Khan" off Pooretry featuring Topic. He's been holding it down for years with his label Concrete Grooves, with styles ranging from downtempo to jazzy hip-hop instrumentals, and all points in between. If you are looking for something refreshing definitely seek his music out. You won't be disappointed.

"Organic, soulful and refreshingly contemporary, Presto has spent the last decade perfecting a production style that infuses hard-hitting hip hop beats with an ethereal touch of jazz. As the pioneer behind the critically-acclaimed independent label Concrete Grooves, Presto has put forth several selections reflecting his eclectic range of influences. Never one to be swayed by trends, Presto has always been able to focus his energy on creating quality music - songs that will withstand the test of time and eventually find their place among the crates of future DJs. Such versatility is evidenced in the score of artists he has worked with, including such luminaries as Sach, Kim Hill, Lowd, J Medeiros (the Procussions), Raashan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers), Fat Jack, DJ Smash, Mums The Word, and Nobody as well as his work on Mark Farina's Mushroom Jazz series and his musicianship in the Wayward Saints."

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

League show in L.A. Tonight


LA heads tonight March 29 the first League show in years!

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More Pooretry songs leaked... bios added

Been meaning to post some biography information about some of the featured artists on Pooretry and today is as good a time as any! First up is HUGH EMC. Check out his classics, like my all time favorite cut "My Poetry" via his myspace page. If anyone has a copy of Gangsta Knowledge on wax and is willing to part with it, please let me know!

Hugh EMC is known as the Godfather of Bay Area/Frisco gangsta rap. He has mentored artists such as JT tha Bigga Figga, San Quinn, Messy Marv, and a host of others.

You can catch Hugh EMC doing his thing live every Saturday Night on 89.5 FM KPOO in San Francisco from 7 to 10 pm - simulcast on the internet at and available internationally.

Hugh EMC is currently in the studio with Rappin 4Tay, Honest Bob, San Quinn, JT tha Bigga Figga, working on his up and coming album. Also, Hugh E is working with Bigtime Productions, Simon Bar Sinister on tha up n coming OG hittas project featuring 4Tay, and Honest Bob.

Hugh once a drug dealer and gang banger,now uses his under world back ground and street connections to work with youth and the homeless population in San Francisco.


"Dirty Money" featuring Joe Dub, Hugh, and Riddlore of CVE streaming live on myspace.

DJ Handprints is one of the nicest people you'll encounter and wildly talented, a rare mix. He was responsible for the massive posse cut on Pooretry entitled simply LA2THEBAY. It's streaming live on his myspace page.

The song was produced by Deeskee and features Los Vegas (ill-lit), J-King (ill-lit), Liferexall (Shapeshifters), Matre (the League), Bleek (Ex-Vandalz), Akuma (Shapeshifters), Die, Existereo, Quangou, Mestizo, Joe Dub, Subtitle, Gel Roc, Regret, Tommy V, Ceschi Ramos, Maleko, Neila, Nocando, SP83, Lord Zen, Riddlore, Ellay Khule, DJ MARZ, DJ Handprints, and DJ Ethos.


"I’m From a dj Crew by the name of 38CAL wich is Ethos, Dstrukt, A.N.T.I., SirCuts & Myself. I’m also from a crew & record pool in LA called Heavyweights (Check link for members). I was a resident dj at Project Blowed for a couple years( I Dj for a couple MC’s from the blowed, one of them being NoCanDo of Customer Service)."

The 11th Hour - documentary


"The 11th hour is the last moment when change is possible"

Though the messenger seems like an unlikely choice, producer/host Leonardo Dicaprio, seems sincerely invested in understanding and investigating solutions toward a more sustainable future.

I will be screening the movie this weekend and let you know what I think. For the record I found Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" eye opening but dull and felt the shifting between his personal life and global warming issues disjointed. I'm looking forward to how the 11th Hour measures up. I was impressed with several points raised in the trailer(s) which spoke directly to concrete reasons why we should care, encouraging solutions rather than apathy.

1-Though we talk about saving the environment the truth is that nature will continue. It is our HUMAN survival and future which hangs in the balance.
2-We vote with every dollar we spend. Support consciously.
3-Using Youtube to it's best benefit by allowing viewers to respond with their own videos is an excellent community building tool.

As Lofa pointed out "Earth Hour" is tonight. Turn off your lights between 8-9 PM!

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Charles Mingus - Triumph of the Underdog

Youtube's endless and seemingly ubiquitous stream of videos never ceases to amaze. This evening I stumbled across the excellent Charles Mingus documentary "Triumph of the Underdog." It is a shortened version of Mingus 68, and essential watching for any jazz fan of music.

Mingus said of himself "I am half black man, half yellow man, but I claim to be a Negro. I am Charles Mingus, the famed jazz musician--but not famed enough to make a living in America." Seek out his biography "Beneath the Underdog" it is one of my favorites.

Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven
Part Eight
Part Nine

The video is still available for purchase here.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This Is The Life: first peak at Goodlife documentary!

I can't tell you how hype I am about the release of this movie! I remember trading grainy footage back in the day but this elevates everything to a new level. The production value (which I was a little worried about) looks excellent if the trailer is any indication.

In 1989, a collective of young artists gathered at a storefront health food cafe in South Central LA. Their mandate? To explore and expand the musical boundaries of hip hop. "This Is The Life" follows the story of the legendary Good Life Cafe and the countless talents who passed through it's doors.

Be sure to check out the soundtrack of rare tracks that Omid put together as well.

Welcome to the Good Life Cafe, where emcee specials have been served up with style and extra flavor since 1989! To own this is to own some of the earliest known freestyles, live sets and soundbites of Project Blowedians ever made available and not heard anywhere else for quite some time. Extremely rare recordings by Aceyalone, Hip Hop Klan, Mikah 9, CVE, Medusa, Abstract Rude and more! Big thanks to Rifleman for personally supplying us with this nice little bit of history and Omid for helping restore the quality! H-E-A-T!

01. Power of the P=SIN
02. Nobody (Live) Aceyalone
03. Abstract Rude
04. Hip Hop Kclan Live Role Call
05. Ellay Khule Live
06. Rifleman Up * Away Live
07. Chali Tuna Live
08. Unity Committee Live
09. Alpha Omega = Figures of Speech
10. Mikah 9 Live
11. Spoon Iodine Live
12. CVE Live
13. Live Ngafish Acapella
14. Farmer John Hymnal & Darkleaf
15. Akilee AKA Allah Culture
16. Misia and Allah Culture
17. Sesquipedelian Live
18. Freestyle Fellowship Live
19. Ganja K
20. Volume 10 Live
21. Hip Hop Nation
22. Aceyalone & Trend Live
23. Of Mexican Descent Live
24. Capitol AK Live
25. Abstract Rude Live

Buy the DVD when it comes out!

Check out the site for updates
or the for more info

Friday, March 21, 2008

Primo Beer - It's back!


Primo beer is back after being discontinued some 10 years ago. Primo was the best selling brew in Hawaii, becoming iconic of the islands.


In a strange twist the company is now owned by Pabst, the preferred cheap brand for hipsters on a budget. It will be interesting to see how if at all the taste has changed.

Bottles will be available in limited quantities at first at places like Pali Bottle Shoppe, Sue's Mini Mart, and Ewa Pantry. It will also appear on tap at a number of places and eventually at larger liquor retailers like Tamura's.

Pabst reports that they will donate a portion of the sales from each case of Primo to the nonprofit Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation.

Honolulu Advertiser article

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Ellay Khule - Rock On video looking for extras


For those in the Los Angeles area who would like to participate, contact the director through the Rock On Project myspace page or via e-mail.

Here is your opportunity to be in the next music video for Ellay Khule a.k.a Rifleman. Details soon to come. Keep an eye out for bulletins and event notices. And don’t forget to mark your calenders.

Remember the dates: APRIL 4-6th, 2008

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Who Is Khayree?

Khayree is the master producer responsible for some of the Bay's most classic songs. Lauded by everyone from E-40 to the less obvious praise of modern electro artist Eliot Lipp, Khayree's recently been making noise with digital releases of all his classics, notably unreleased instrumental versions (available on I-tunes)!

The video might be old news to some but I just found it the other day and thought I'd throw it up here. Khayree is most certainly a huge influence to us and many whose music we enjoy.
definitely looking forward to the day when this DVD eventually comes out.

Mac Mall - Sic Wit Tis
Ray Luv - Last Night
Young Lay - All About My Fetti

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Education Update from Neila-Please read!!! Please Act!!!

I hate bulletins so I am sorry but i am writing all of you for the sake of the students in California. This myspace community has power and if we all come together we can potentially save our future. Right now our governator is going to cut public education. For those of you that don't know, I teach fourth grade in inner city Los Angeles. This cut he has proposed that has already passed threw the legislature is going to double class size, get rid of all after school programs, get rid of all new teachers, cut special education, along with displace thousands of employees in every school district. At my school, we have already let people go and they are saying that we have no money for supplies next year. We cannot even buy pencils....Our state ranks 2nd in the nation as the richest state, our state ranks 48th in the nation on student spending. That means we spend $700 less per student than every state except two. These cuts will devastate our children, devastate our futures. I know I am losing my job, but I am writing this to educate those who don't know to urge you to write your legislative representative, write the governor, the mayor, and come join us when it comes time to hit the streets and protest, if not for yourself for the future of our children who will be with little to no support, no where to go after school, and little hope. The effects of these cuts are devastating and we should not idly stand by and let these hummer owning officials hurt our children


This post is specific to California but the problems facing teachers in the United States are widespread. Quality education is an investment in the future of our planet. Please educate yourself and support the teachers who are selflessly attempting to make a difference, for little pay or appreciation by our government.

Get involved!

neila on myspace


Saturday, March 01, 2008

Joe Dub at Trip The Lights (video)

Here's a short youtube video of Joe performing "Mic Theatre" from his album with Factor, Live in 75. The Sideroad crew along with Kirby Dominant are here in the Islands on a mini-tour, and this was from their set at the Trip the Lights Beatroot Championships.

If anyone has more video or photo footage please send it our way. I ran out of batteries and lost a bunch of the footage that was on my camera. :( You can send any footage to

Thanks to all those that came out and stayed for the performance. It was a really hype set and all around beautiful night.

live in 75

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