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Friday, May 26, 2006

Turntable Lab Los Angeles presents: Hamburger City

If you're in the LA area please go out and support Ray and the gang from Hamburger Eyes. Great people, fun event. You can get familiar here.

"When opening Hamburger Eyes Photo Magazine you enter a pictorial history of both the unseen and iconic moments of everyday life. It is organized in such a way that it has become many things to many people. As a photo journal, we share our travels and experiences. As a photo diary, we share our accomplishments and heartaches. And as a photo album, we share our families and friends and reach people on a level they have been familiar with since their first birthday party. Our publication is currently composed of black + white photography. We have contributions from photographers of all levels. Inspired by the traditions that began with National Geographic and Life Magazine, we hope to revitalize the sensation of photography as a craft as well as a tool to record and document."

Hamburger Eyes

Ray Potes

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sneakmoves the label

We were recently made aware of Sneakmove a new label by homie Erik Solo and friends. For those who may not know, Erik was responsible for Weapon Shaped Records, who was responsible for some very cool records, such as the Shapeshifters 7" that played backwards (Object Beings, Meanest Man Contest) and many more. I'm actually kind of surprised that I haven't stumbled across them before!

The site acts as a blog slash store, and is home to a variety of interesting content including entries about ipod vending machines in SFO airport and classic skateboard videos revealed.

The limited edition mini vinyl compilation they have for sale looks intriguing with drops from restiform bodies, odd nosdam, among others. In the short conversation I had with Erik he mentioned that Sneakmoves had plans to do albums with Circus and Subtitle in the near future. Great news! Stay tuned!

"Sneakmove is a record label/social experiment designed to touch your ears, hearts, bodies and lives. We put out music that we like. We talk about things we like. Music, film, art, robots and sneakers. Lots more info at"

Sneaky Moves on Myspace

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Joe Dub - 40 Questions

Mr. opinionated answers 40 random questions about hip-hop.

call this the interview...........

1. How long have you been a fan of hip hop?

2. Who are your Top 5 MC's?
All time or right now?
just ice....schooly d......t la rock.......hugh emc......cultural identity

3. If you could do a song with only one of them, who would it, be?
well i got two in the sir vicious just ice

4. Which region makes the best music (East Coast, Dirty South...etc.)?
left hand side.....cmon......right now? contest

5. Who are your Top 5 Producers?
fat jack....kurtis mantronik......ced gee.....marley markie

6. If you could have a beat from only one of them, who would it be?

7. Do you make hip hop music?
why not

8. How would you describe your style?

9. Who are your influences?
anything that's moved me in the right way

10. Do people tell you that you sound like another artist? Who?

[the next 30 answers ... ]

Monday, May 08, 2006

Eddie K on the cover of Mesh Mag

Eddie K - Mesh Cover Story

Really nice to see this former 99th Dimension member getting some due shine, and the cover story, no less. That "Ghetto Stash" track (featured on Ross Hogg and B-cause's Slump and Grind 2 mix) along with "S.F. Hyphy" gets constant rotation around here. If you search back in the archives, you know we've been long time fans. Anyway, check out the article, video, or visit Eddie on his myspace page.

PS-Eddie K freestyles "So Much Drama In The Industry" produced by DJ Marz on the Easy Rider 7" available in the store

Eddie K on myspace
Buy the Ghetto Stash 12" @
Ghetto Stash video

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Sun Ra Quilt

The Sun Ra Quilt appears to be a collection of fan submitted images, of the many records, Ra had a hand in over the years. For the record, he released over 125 records over 45 years of making music! While the actual purpose of the quilt still mystifies me, it's definitely worth taking a look at, and a must see for fans of handmade/diy artwork.

Although, i'm just as big a fan of Sun Ra's weirder,spacier, outings, I would suggest that new and old fans alike, seek out his "Sleeping Beauty" album, which was recently reissued (as a very limited edition UK press). Sleeping Beauty is certainly one of Ra's most accessible listens (comparable to Lanquidity), and has more funk and structure than many of his other worldly releases.

Sun Ra - Door of the Cosmos MP3
available for a limited time

"Ra was one of the first jazz leaders to use two basses, to employ the electric bass, to play electronic keyboards, to use extensive percussion and polyrhythms, to explore modal music and to pioneer solo and group freeform improvisations. In addition, he made his mark in the wider cultural context: he proclaimed the African origins of jazz, reaffirmed pride in black history and reasserted the spiritual and mystical dimensions of music (all important factors in the black cultural/political renaissance of the 60s)."

The Sun Ra Quilt

Sun Ra Wikipedia entry