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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mo Illa Pillaz - Raps to Da Max

This is a completely unbiased review of Mo Illa Pillaz - Raps to Da Max.

Mo Illa Pillaz - Raps to Da Max
is the new album by Hawaii rap veterans Todd G Fame and Buzz (aka Buzz One) both of whom were members of HI State. These guys were putting in work long before many of us were old enough to go to shows! It's good to see that they are still making music.

To me "good music" is a completely unique and unwavering expression of one's experience...whether that experience is growing up in Kaimuki, on the streets of Los Angeles, or in the swamps of Louisiana. It doesn't matter where those inspirations come from either, from dreams or nightmares, childhood memories or the place where you grew up, but what's most important is to have a distinctive way of telling that particular story.

Mo Illa Pillaz succeeds on this account, providing a colorful stroll through the streets of Honolulu and taking the listener a long for the ride. There are the inside jokes and lingo that only someone from Hawai'i is going to get. I love that. They have definitely captured Hawaii in a way that is far more creative than a lot of folks who are attempting to chase an aesthetic that is not native to their experience... Though not a perfect album (it could be tightened up in a few spots), Raps to da Max is certainly worth the free download, in fact it's worth purchasing. I'm told you can find it at the usual places locally (Stylus, etc).

By the way, who could really resist the Fax 2 Da Max inspired album cover art? Too classic!

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Edit: I was misinformed about Todd G being a part of this album. Thank you to the anonymous poster who corrected me. Should have known from the cover ah?