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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Education Update from Neila-Please read!!! Please Act!!!

I hate bulletins so I am sorry but i am writing all of you for the sake of the students in California. This myspace community has power and if we all come together we can potentially save our future. Right now our governator is going to cut public education. For those of you that don't know, I teach fourth grade in inner city Los Angeles. This cut he has proposed that has already passed threw the legislature is going to double class size, get rid of all after school programs, get rid of all new teachers, cut special education, along with displace thousands of employees in every school district. At my school, we have already let people go and they are saying that we have no money for supplies next year. We cannot even buy pencils....Our state ranks 2nd in the nation as the richest state, our state ranks 48th in the nation on student spending. That means we spend $700 less per student than every state except two. These cuts will devastate our children, devastate our futures. I know I am losing my job, but I am writing this to educate those who don't know to urge you to write your legislative representative, write the governor, the mayor, and come join us when it comes time to hit the streets and protest, if not for yourself for the future of our children who will be with little to no support, no where to go after school, and little hope. The effects of these cuts are devastating and we should not idly stand by and let these hummer owning officials hurt our children


This post is specific to California but the problems facing teachers in the United States are widespread. Quality education is an investment in the future of our planet. Please educate yourself and support the teachers who are selflessly attempting to make a difference, for little pay or appreciation by our government.

Get involved!

neila on myspace



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