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Friday, October 06, 2006

Jusoneo/Jus Jones Interview

B-boy DJ, vinyl addict, new father, husband, and homie for life, Jusoneo (a.k.a Robot Jones, a.k.a Jus Jones), shares his experiences and insights, in a brand new interview with The Mighty 4.

Probably best known in underground hip-hop circles as a talented producer/rapper from Hawaii, Justin was responsible for the Mystery Machine project with Neila, and various collaborations with both Topic and Jundax (see: Audio Aesthetics), Hidden Habitats, HI State, and many others. Now relocated to San Francisco, he's doing his thing as a DJ for Rock Force and Horsepower crews. For the Hawaii heads, lots of old stories, enjoy!

Interview with Jus Jones

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Net 31 online!

Net 31 the progressive Ohio based rap label, has a web presence.

The label is set to release the Painkillers (Joe Dub and Topic) full length project "Hate Parade," preceeded by the "Do Not Disturb" companion twelve inch, which features a bonus track and remix by Lab Waste. The full length CD and gatefold double LP will follow suit, and should be hitting store shelves, college radio, and reviewer's desks

In the recent past, the relatively new imprint, has released fan favorites like Ceschi's - Francisco False album. Also, on the roster Hawaii's own Ghesol (looking forward to that!), Candy's 22 (Exist and Barfly), Adlib, Xcircles, Neotropic, and host of other diverse talent.

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