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Thursday, February 28, 2008

2mex's on!

were shooting a weekly video blog interview show from the house for all the team 2mex heads that will contain one to two interviews and news about the upcoming releases of all the la2thebay crew members.
this week we kicked the first show off with an in depth interview with DEESKEE
west coast most undergound and underated producer in my opinon and upcoming interviews include..
rakka from dilated
brother j from xclan
and more so check for it ..first interview will be up by wed!!!!
enjoy...send me a message asking me who you want me to interview...
2mex TV on myspace

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sideroad Records tour in the Honolulu Advertiser

thanks to kavet, lofa, and siq for the local press assault!

Pooretry review in

Pooretry gets a proper write up in Canada's Exclaim Magazine. Many thanks to Fat Mike and Thomas Quinlan for the excellent review!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Death of Polaroid


"it's almost like watching a memory form right before your eyes"

In incredibly sad news Polaroid is ceasing production of their instant film varieties, opting instead to focus on digital and television media. If the sky rocketing e-bay prices are any indication, there seem to be many who will deeply miss the format. I don't know what their sales figures look like but it seems like a premature move considering the recent success of lo-fi cameras like the Lomo.

CBC News Sunday did a short video news piece about the demise of Polaroid which you can watch here.

Here is a really great blog site created by a graphic designer/Polaroid enthusiast who encourages people to send in stories about why they love the film. They hope to convince Polaroid to change course. Let's hope so....

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Kay the Aquanaut in Hawaii - Get Familiar Pt 5

This intense and innovative emcee is quickly becoming one of Canada's hottest underground hiphop affiliates. Representing Saskatoon, (Canada's underground rap hotbed) Kay the Aquanaut is known for blending his animated delivery with politically and socially charged lyrics to create a refreshing sound that has been ignored in mainstream hiphop of late. Rolling with the esteemed SideRoad Records collective, Kay has just finished up his fifth independent album "Spinning Blue Planet"and will undoubtedly continue make noise in the scene.

kay the aquanaut myspace

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Forgetful Jones in Hawaii - Get Familiar Part 4

Saskatoon original mic ripper, Forgetful jones aka Patty c of
metropolis now and cf crew, rocks mics. With a feature on
Factor famous nights and empty days and countless appearances,
its about time for a solo effort with the soon to be released EP
ALBATROSS. Dont sleep on the sleeping giant. check him at


*new myspace music page with sound clips

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Def3 in Hawaii - Get Familiar Pt 3

My father is chileno my mother is canadian. I was born in toronto. moved on to a ship when i was 5. Traveled/moved around the world a whole bunch with my parents and brother for several years in my youth from south america to europe, to africa, a few times over. then moved to texas for a age 12 i fell in love with hip hop, then moved to Regina, started skating, started rapping,grew up and never stopped. I live and survive off and for hip hop music, Skateboarding, and Graffiti. my album and Support!!!! I devote my life to my art.. I write, i read, I write, i rap, I live, i produce, I record, i skate, i relax, I write, i skate, I rap, I write and I DJ. I strive for orginality and integrity in everything i do and believe in others as much as i believe in myself. I love my life and My friends and fam are top notch. i would be nothing without them. i do what i love i love what i do. I Rep queen city and my worlwide klik.

def3 myspace

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Factor in Hawaii - Get Familiar Pt. 2

Buy this man a beer! Born and Raised in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. Factor is the owner and operator of This super producer has produced and released over 20 albums with collaborations from some of underground heaviest hitters. He is coming off a critically acclaimed and productive year releasing his latest solo album Famous Nights and Empty Days, AWOL One and Factor - Only Death Can Kill You, Kay the Aquanaut - Spinning Blue Planet, The Gaff and Factor - The Trip Beyond and Joe Dub - LIVE IN 75! Check him out at for tour updates and album info......(NEW Factor album coming out in May titled "Chandelier" on the look out!)

factor discography

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kirby Dominant in Hawaii - Get Familiar Part 1

Not only will the Sideroad Records crew be performing at the Trip the Lights Beat Battle championships, but they will also be going on a mini tour of Oahu and the Big Island. Be sure to check out at least one (or all :) of the shows if you have the chance. They put on hype shows and will have hard to get/exclusive merch for sale.

These featurettes should help you get aquainted. First up - Kirby Dominant.

Famous Nights, Empty Days with Factor of

Kirb and Chris-Niggaz and White Girls / They blend hip hop with eighties new wave. They call it "New Wave Thuggin."


Joe Dub: ATAK/ artist of the month

" Joe Dub is our featured artist of the month, so be sure to check out his Young Joseph, Old Joseph, San Francisco Street Music (SFSM) and Ellay Khule releases! Email to get on the weekly email update list! Vote Vegan for 2008! — 02.10.08"

We were hyped to learn that Joe Dub is the artist of month over at
ATAK/ headquarters. Joe's first group San Francisco Street Music alongside collectives like the Living Legends, and Nitrous Ox, were among the first groups to grace the earliest of ATAK's hallowed catalog pages.

ATAK was one of the first underground mailorder spots, taking a DIY approach to music distribution and taste making, to a new level. Paul Gembus a.k.a. P-minus spearheaded the project, which in my opinion, was instrumental in informing the masses of the quality music that was being made right in their backyards.

In those halcyon days, when music was amazing but disorganized, i.e. artists selling tapes straight out of their cars and backpacks, P-minus provided a structure that allowed for the scene to thrive in the Bay Area and beyond.

Read the rest of my original post here
atak's wiki page

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trip The Lights Championships / Sideroad Record show promo

Kavet and the Lightsleepers crew are holding the first Trip the Lights Beat Root Championships!

Why should you go?

Feb 28, 2008 promises to be a great night, showcasing local beat maestros, Ques,Stu,Opposite, Lael Beats, Humdrummin, and Sentric who will be competing head to head for the crown. There will also be live local performances by Timer and DJ Bumblebee, Rhyme Da Oldman, and Perfect Median.

Also special guests from Sideroad Records will be in the house. All the way from Canada, Factor and Joe Dub (SF/Hawaii), Kirby Dominant (SF), Forgetful Jones, Def3, and Kay the Aquanaut!

Stay tuned to the blog as we feature and familiarize you with some of these artists through out the week.

This show is all ages!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ian Johnson x Albert Reyes showing at White Walls SF


I almost forgot to mention that the main point of that article was to make people aware of Ian's new show at White Walls SF with Albert Reyes. Paintings are for sale, and reasonably priced I might add.

view paintings

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Vinyl Junkie: The Movie

Hundreds of sealed copies of Mulatu of Ethiopia for $20 each??

Vinyl Junky tells the story of Shane "DJ Sureshot" Hunt. Shane's thing is music. Lots of music, in particular records. Shane has been collecting and consequently playing records at night clubs and radio stations across the globe for years. His ear for music has lead to an incredible talent for producing. He and his friend "Mr. Supreme" were the genius behind "The Sharpshooters", a collective from the Pacific Northwest of the United States.


Ian Johnson article in S.F. Chronicle - new book in the works!


I was fortunate to have the opportunity to write a story about my friend Ian Johnson for the S.F. Chronicle, which appeared in the 96 Hours section of today’s paper. I’m happy with the piece; however, I must say, that it's quite difficult summing everything up about a person (a friend in particular) and their work in 500 some words. I would have loved to go into more detail about Ian, Western Edition Skateboards and his art, but maybe next time. Ian’s blowing up, so I’m sure there will be plenty of other opportunities. The sub header in the print version of the story is kinda goofy -- I don’t have final right-of-review -- but it’s all good. S.F. Chronicle Art Director Matt Petty put together a short video to accompany the piece. Matt always comes correct! I love collaborating with him. Below is a link to the story, photos and video:

S.F. Chronicle - Ian Johnson lands on his feet by Travis Jensen

Also, below is a link to my “City Sports” column, which appears every Thursday in the 96 Hours section of the S.F. Chronicle. Bay Area folks: there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on this weekend, including a massive pillow fight at EMB (Embarcadero’s Justin Herman Plaza). Get some…

S.F. Chronicle - City Sports column

Happy V-Day!

Penned by our good friend Travis Jensen we were delighted to see the insane talents of Ian Johnson getting some much deserved shine in the S.F.Chronicle. Ian was responsible for Pooretry's cover art and we feel fortunate to have worked with him on that. It conveyed the perfect message and feeling we were looking for to accompany the music.

Check the article it's short and sweet!

ian m johnson
ian johnson - moods in freetime
travis jensen

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Photos & Video : Create and Destroy event

Youtube video and image intellectual property of!

Honozooloo - pictures, youtube
Cabbit Records - pictures
Skrandi - pictures

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Le Feelings on KTUH streaming/download

Le Feelings is a dj/producing collective from Hawaii consisting of Alston, Jade, Oliver (Twist), and Matt Ratt. I have nothing but the greatest respect for these guys, ever hungry for the best vinyl sounds in the universe, and a genuine love for music. Probably my best memory of the group is circa 2001 in "the" Waikiki "apartment." I remember being impressed by how deep the commitment ran. From a living room stacked from floor to ceiling with records, a makeshift studio emerged as a meeting place for creativity. I hate to sound so old, or get so nostalgic, but there is certainly something to be said for the loss of that type of incubated, pure and joyful for the sake of music.

But with that being said, let's look ahead...the future is bright!

Alston will be releasing a split 7" with an artist named Mixtapes out of Texas in March. Looking forward to that. The Le Feelings family sound is somewhat hard to pin, which in my estimation is a good thing. The sound runs the gamut from downtempo to more folk/psych excursions. Check the myspace for sound clips.

Le Feelings recently appeared on Jake the Snake's new show format, The Mixdown FM. You can listen to the archived show below.

Busting out the Kaliokai - too classy!

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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Create and Destroy: Enterprise vs Lightsleepers event



OK, SO MATTRATT, OLIVERTWIST, OBSERV, KTC & BUMBLEBEE (back from Seattle, if you don't know him you better ask somebody) IS COMING 2GETHER EVERY 2ND FRIDAY OF THE MONTH TO.

CREATE Good Music, vibes, feel, soul, roots, heart...
DESTROY wack dj's, attitudes, mainstream, what they think is dope...

God Bless yall and i can't wait to play all the records i've been collecting, yes, i still spin VINYL, WAX, RECORDS...

don't sleep