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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Power of Ten: Charles and Ray Eames

Charles and Ray Eames are design pioneers and personal heros. They were well known for projects such as the Powers of Ten, Eames House, Eames Lounge Chair, and much more. Their 901 studio in Venice was a living visual labratory. Though, what I found most admirable was their willingness to try new things, and seamlessly collaborate.

I have always been obsessed with the idea of scale, and I am convinced that the Powers of Ten which I saw in elementary, was directly responsible in planting that seed.

Check out the links to watch the og Powers of Ten, the Simpsons spoof on the Powers of Ten, and to go to the Eames site directly.

Simpsons Power of Ten
Power of Ten

Japanese version of Ceschi's new album

Because Im incredibly broke right now Ive decided to sell my last few copies of the Japanese edition of "They Hate Francisco False" which features two extra songs, slightly modified artwork and a booklet in Japanese with what I believe is a bio about me and my family...
I realize some American people are interested in this and it is WAY too expensive (upwards of 40 dollars) online...
Im selling this for $15 shipping included...
you can paypal the money to me at

Monday, June 26, 2006

Transforming an MPC1000 to a 2500!

OK, if this works, it's truly amazing. It's also pretty surprising that no one has thought of this before. Apparently, a software mod has been created, which basically transforms one of those cute lil MPC 1000's into a full fledged MPC2500.

The 2500 is a beast with tons of features, but the $2000 price tag is likely to deter most users.

Features Like:
Direct Record feature
Chop Shop feature

Word on the street is that the mod developer is going to eventually start charging for this as he works out the bugs. It shouldn't be too far in the future when we see a similar modification for the other MPC models.

Be warned that we haven't tried this ourselves, and are not responsible for blowing up or crippling your machine. Additionally, the site is in Japanese but i've linked you to the translation. It's not hard to read.

A brave friend is going to try it out and let us know what happens. We'll post his findings soon.

Back up your files/OS and have fun!

MPC 1000-2500 mod

Friday, June 23, 2006

Deeskee - Invisible Enemy Volume 2 mixtape

Cop Deeskee's brand new mix cd hot of the presses! Tons of exclusives and unreleased tracks.

Deeskee will have these exclusively on the $martyr tour, and Joe should have some on the Sideroad/Canada tour as well.

1. Intro- Jean Grae, Brother J, Son Doobie, DJ Bizarro Beat By Deeskee Beatbox By Jean EXCLUSIVE
2. Sach- Mixtapes '06 Beat by Deeskee EXCLUSIVE
3. Joe Dub- Renegade Music Beat by Joe UNRELEASED
4. GPAC- The Turn Of The Earth Beat by Omid
5. ATU, Slug, Eyedea, Busdriver, LMNO, 2Mex & Xololanxinxo- Frisbee Beat by Daddy Kev
6. C-Formula & Los Vegas- Unclassy Nasty Music/ Beat by Deeskee EXCLUSIVE
7. Gel Rock- Curveball Beat by Daddy Kev
8. Matre of The League- 98 Degrees Beat by Jericho J
9. Rakaa Iriscience & K984- Lookout! Beat by Deeskee UNRELEASED
10. Awol One- Seeds Grow Produced by Grouch
11. Subtitle- Subtalk Beat by Joseph Dub
12. Ex Vandalz feat. Rakaa & 2Mex- Industry Standard Remix Produced by Deeskee
13. Prince Po & Black Silver EXCLUSIVE Produced by Deeskee
14. 2mex, Lord Zen, Joe Dub, Liferexall & Die- Don't REMIX by Deeskee EXCLUSIVE
15. Die- All Of Me album version Produced By Deeskee
16. Mestizo- Hello Goodbye Produced By Deeskee EXCLUSIVE
17. Maleko & Spaceranger- Abnormal Psychology Remix EXCLUSIVE Produced by Deeskee
18. SP83 & Nocando- BOOM! EXCLUSIVE Produced by Deeskee
19. Aspect 1- Create A Following REMIX EXCLUSIVE Produced by Deeskee
20. 2Mex & LMNO EXCLUSIVE Produced by Oh No
21. Chainsmokers- Rock Rhymes Produced by Mum's The Word
22. The League feat. Awol One & Existereo- All About the Rhyme Produced by Jericho J
23. Perk One Ex Vandalz- American Graffiti Produced By Mek One and Lars Weiss
24. Deeskee feat. The Shapeshifters, Subtitle, Perk One, Jizzm, Matre, OMD, Busdriver & Phoenix Orion- Wind it Up Produced by YOU KNOW WHO

la2thebay message board

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Famous Nights Empty Days Release Party

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Joe's semi complete discography with pictures of almost every release are now

online. Check it out in the BIO section of the site. If you have any additions please
feel free to send them to us.


Joe Dub, Factor, Matre, Kirby Dominant mini tour Canada

Kirby D, Matre, Joe Dub and Ben.e.factor!

July 19th – Calgary Venue TBA

July 20th – Edmonton Venue TBA

July 21st - Red Deer Venue TBA

July 23rd - Saskatoon (odeon all ages)

Kirby Dominant (Paranoid Castle, Kirb and Kris) Oakland

Joe Dub (Old Joseph / Young Joseph) San Francisco/Hawaii

Matre (The League) California

Benny E (Ben.e.factor) Victoria

Visit: for breaking news on the tour

New Painkillers "Do Not Disturb" 12" song posted

"Do Not Disturb" the first single off the Painkillers 12" is now up on the Net31 myspace listening booth. The song was produced by Emynd (1200 Hobos/Object Beings) and offers just a tiny glimpse of what the album has to offer.

"Net31 will be releasing the first 12 from the Pain Killers upcoming long awaited full length Hate Parade. The 12-inch features 2 non album tracks including a remix from Labwaste (Subtitle and Thavius Beck/Adlib)."

listen up!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

An Inconvienent Truth trailer

Here's the movie trailer for "An Inconvient Truth" a new movie about global warming hosted by Al Gore. Though the subject matter may sound like a snooze fest, check the trailer, it's anything but.

Beautiful Losers trailer

Love it or hate it....street art has become part of the fabric of daily life. Check out the Beautiful Losers documentary trailer. The Pushead interview makes it worth checking out.

Beautiful Losers Trailer

Monday, June 05, 2006

SubtitleTV - stim video interview

A lengthy video interview with the ever loquacious Mr. Marks.

Watch the Interview

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Hamburger Eyes - Hamburger City Release Party pics

The Hamburger City release party looks to have been a pretty epic one, with apparent cameos by The Game and Sen Dog of Cypress Hill. All photos property of Turntablelab who sponsered the shindig. Congrats to Ray and the gang!

Hamburger City Pics

VETV premiere!! DJ Stef's online video magazine

Do yourself a favor and check out the premiere episode of DJ Stef's Vinyl Exchange TV. Touted as a "a new online interview series for hip-hop vinyl junkies," we consider this SF based video magazine a must-see.

I'd like to note that we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the production and highly amused by the Eddie K and Marz segment. And no, we have no affiliation to VETV, but if the premiere is any indication, we're expecting big things!

"The premiere episode of VETV features emcee Eddie K and DJ Marz, Future Primitive Sound's creative director Mark Herlihy with DJ RasCue, and Cool Chris of Groove Merchant, who all call the Bay Area home.

Eddie K is the emcee for the Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters/Space Travelers DJ crew with DJ Quest, Eddie Def, DJ Cue and DJ Marz. In this episode of VETV, he talks about coming up as an emcee, fills us in on his latest projects, and he and Marz offer a peek into the Gurp City experience. Get your cups and ice ready for a What It Do or Cutty Bang cocktail.

Mark Herlihy is the mastermind behind Future Primitive Sound, a record label and collective of DJs (including DJ RasCue), producers and visual artists born from the infamous Future Primitive Soundsessions, the series of cutting edge DJ events that brought the DJ to the forefront. Mark talks about the history of Future Primitive, their latest releases, and RasCue pulls his favorite record out the crate.

DJ Cool Chris owns the Groove Merchant record shop on Haight Street, made famous by the Beastie Boys in song, but mostly famed in the vinyl digging world by DJs and producers who recognize GM as one of the top spots in the world to cop the rare vinyl they're looking for. Chris also runs the Dis-joint Records label with his partner Vinnie Esparza. Chris breaks down the history of Groove Merchant and shows us a sampling of the rarities GM has to offer."