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Friday, September 30, 2005

Just Ice interview with Troy L. Smith 2005

This is a prime example of the type of interview I enjoy reading. The questions are incredibly detailed, and on point. The interview is a must-read for any fan of Just Ice; and a deep education in to what was going down in the mid to late eighties in hip-hop. Check the rest of the site for other great interviews and a link to the web masters mind boggling collection of old school rap tapes.

Just Ice - Interview Part 1
Just Ice - Interview Part 2

The making of Nas Illmatic album (video)

This video "making of" the 1994 Nas album Illmatic really takes me back to a good time in music, and life in general. Short but sweet, it features Q-tip, Large Professor, Pete Rock, Premo, and more.

Nas - Making of Illmatic (video)

Monday, September 19, 2005

Arrested Development Season Three premiere!

"Oh, God, it's Motherboy time already?"

New season of the best show on television starts tonight! Don't miss the first episode of Arrested Development Season 3 airing tonight at 7PM. It's hard to explain why this show is so good, just trust me.

Catch up on the Season 1 and Season 2 DVD's.

Arrested Development Official Site

Friday, September 16, 2005

Akai MPC2500 (video)

The new MPC 2500 is on it's way, claiming that it is a combination of the 1000/2000/and 4000 series MPC's rolled in to one. While built like a tank, and packed with features, the 2500 still seems like overkill. Time will tell if the machine finds a market. When released it is said to retail for around $2,000. Thanks to djobserv for the link.
List of Features (more video)


Saturday, September 10, 2005

Chuck D - On The Real on NOLA tragedy (download)

This is essential listening. Chuck D speaks out on the terrible injustices (lack of federal response) that is ongoing in NOLA and the rest of the Gulf Coast, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. His weekly AM radio program, "On The Real" typically tackles hot button issues and under reported news, this episode is no different.

Chuck D opens the show with the ever appropriate
Syl Johnson classic, "Is It Because I'm Black"? He then shares a moving poem he wrote.

The panel discusses grassroots ways to help, the ethics of giving, the importance of knowing where your donations are going, "the wake up call," and much more!

Here are some quotes:

"The Red Cross has already admitted that on it's web site that it akes almost 40% for administrative costs."

"FEMA, on it's web site, says their number 2 organization to give to is Operation Blessing, founded by none other than Pat Robertson, who two weeks ago said let's go assasinate Hugo Chavez. Hugo Chavez along with Fidel Castro have pledged over 3 million dollars to black people in America; in aid, monitary aid, oil for their generators, and to send over 500 troops and relief workers, and Condoleezza Rice has said no."

"We need to have dark nights to see the light. It has to happen that way. This is the wake up call. People from all over in our community are waking up, I'm getting alot of response, the anger is deep, and people see it for what it is, you can't gloss over this."

"Who I really feel has really stepped up to the plate is the hip-hop generation, the 18-35 cohort, and I don't mean Diddy or none of them. Today, the Reach Hip-Hop coalition formerly known as the Coalition Against Hot 97 had a rally and vigil at Union Square, over 1000 people showed up with less than 2 hours notice, mostly young people. I think this is the wake up call for our generation."

Let's hope so...

On The Real with Chuck D
21CF dot org

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Omid - We Came From Beyond mix (download)

As promised, Omid's "We Came From Beyond" mix, is finally here.

Posted by Omid:

Available Now!!! Omid filled in on Mike Nardones legendary radio show "We came from Beyond." I edited it down to 2 segments (parts 1 & 2), over 2 hours of UNRELEASED, RARE and CLASSIC underground hip hop! Available exclusively on Just type OMID in the search box! The following is the songlisting, all songs played in full!!! This is my cousin's site so thanks for the support,

Omid "We Came from beyond Mix" Part 1 (66 Minutes)

1. Saafir- "Bull-ish"
2. Rakim- Unreleased Accapella
3. Ellay Khule & Omid- "Califormula Mix"
4. Kool Keith- Unreleased
5. Cenobites- "Lex Lugor"
6. Ultramagnetic Mc's- "Raise it up"
7. Spoon (of Iodine)- Unreleased Goodlife Performance
8. Big Daddy Kane & Kool G Rap- "Raw" (remix)
9. Ganjah K- 1993 We came from beyond performance (Unreleased)
10. Jamalski, DJ Quik & MC Ren- Unreleased Session
11. King Sun- "Sippin' Brandy"
12. The Nonce- "Just What i needed"
13. Sach & Omid- "LA NY Jump"
14. Sach- "Complicate"
15. Figures of Speech- "Alpha Omega" (Unreleased)
16. Downtown Science- "Room to Breathe"

Omid "We Came from beyond Mix" Part 2 (71 minutes)

1. Pigeon John, Sach, Ellay Khule, Omid- "The People"

2. MF Grimm- "Chicken Little"
3. MF Grimm- "Bloody love letter"
4. MF Grimm- "Tick, Tick"
5. Ellay Khule & Omid- "Very Latest Styles"
6. Hard Knocks- "Nigga for Hire"
7. The Coup- "5 million ways to kill a CEO"
8. Funkytown Pros- "Situations"
9. Paris- "Hate that Hate Made" (Extended Version)
10. Immortal Technique- "Peruvian Cocaine"
11. Chali2na- Unreleased Goodlife Performance
12. KRS-One- "Hip Hop VS Rap"
13. Poor Righteous Teachers- "Strictly Mashin"
14. Slick Rick- "Mistakes of a Woman"
15. Organized Konfusion- Unreleased Session
16. Mikah 9- Unreleased Goodlife Performance
17. Del- "Eye Examination"
18. Longevity, Deeskee, Omid- "Electric City Remix"
19. Aceyalone, Spoon (of Iodine), CVE- "Jurassic"
20. Awol One and Massive- "KXLU Drop!"

Available ONLY on, just search for Omid. Songlistings are also available on the site, once you click on the Omid mix, click on "lyrics"
omid site

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Xololanxinxo and Riddlore - Benefit for Katrina Hurrican victims

Posted by Xinxo:

We are looking to put a benefit show together asap for the people of New Orleans..We know our shitty government will only help the upper class, and forget about us struggling folks! Please we ask all emcees out of the blowed and surrounding families to join up with us to raise money 4 the people of New Orleans! New Orleans is 1 of the 2 cities in the country to have a below poverty line 4 it's resident's.. I Xololanxinxo & Rhyming Riddlore will perform and host a show where all proceeds will go to the communities of New Orleans.. There willl be a board of Los Angeles community organizers that will guarantee all monies make it to the people! For now any donations can be delivered to St Andrews park! Off of Western and Manchester next to the footlocker from 10 am til 6pm. Water, cangoods, blankets ,towels,hygiene products,clothes, diapers and volunteers everything will help! We must come together and make this difference!

Check the La2thebay message board for more info. I know the last thing anyone is looking for is a pat on the back, but its selfless acts like these that have helped to redeem my faith in human beings. Please help in any way you can!

Friday, September 02, 2005

new additions to the asita store

Lots of brand new items and restocks in the store! Many discounts and exclusives, act fast!

Neila "Vertical Trees" vinyl EP

Featuring the production of Deeskee, Omid, Daddy Kev, Liferexall, DJ Casey

Toca "Joyful Misery" vinyl 7"

Featuring Ceschi and David, Xinxo, Tommy V, Busdriver, Circus, Awol. Sold out everywhere except here!

Creed "Defy" CD

produced by Joe Dub
Featuring Neila and Natalie

Wade "Orthos Pura" CD

Featuring production by Joe Dub, Kid Koak, and others. Guests: Omega Six, Topic, Ghesol, Staplemouth, NMB, and more!

Painkillers - Pretrend CD (restock)

- Neoteric- Indie-cent 3 CD
(featuring an exclusive Joe Dub track off Pooretry)

Detailed descriptions and purchase info here

I'm even contemplating putting up some rare used records (breaks, jazz, downtempo,funk, soul, hip-hop) in the future. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

brand new ATAK mailorder site

ATAK mailorder has stepped up it's game, with a brand new searchable site; featuring full color cover scans and detailed descriptions.

ATAK was one of the first underground mailorder spots, taking a DIY approach to music distribution and taste making, to a new level. Paul Gembus a.k.a. P-minus spearheaded the project, which in my opinion, was instrumental in informing the masses of the quality homemade music that was being made right in their backyards.

In those halcyon days, when music was amazing but disorganized, i.e. artists selling tapes straight out of their cars and backpacks, P-minus provided a structure that allowed for the scene to thrive in the Bay Area and beyond.

"ATAK Worldwide (which has since morphed into was created as a resource for underground hip-hop groups and DJs so that they can focus on their art and ATAK could focus on their business. This was a small, grassroots operation designed to gather, organize, and distribute tapes and vinyl (and eventually CDs) from the artists and hopefully reach new listeners locally, nationally, and eventually, internationally. A mail order catalog was constantly updated as new music and artists joined the ATAK family, and this catalog was available at Bay Area record stores and hip-hop related shops, plus it was sent to contacts across the country."

On a side note, and almost as important, ATAK also provided a place for the heads around the world to start networking in the early days of 56k dial up. The message board was responsible for many a musical collaboration, innumerous cross country trips, and 6th generation dubs from Honolulu to Finland.

The impact of such an idea can't be overstated. I think in an age where there are now dozens of underground hip-hop online mailorder shops, it's easy to forget where it all began. See where it began.......