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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Blue Note album covers

Check out this very cool Japanese site, dedicated to the groundbreaking Blue Note label. Blue Note was as influential in terms of art/cover design as they were with their musical output. Look no further, than many modern hip-hop and rock covers for proof.

The site boasts a priceless collection of hi-resolution scans of nearly all Blue Note covers, even the 10-inches. They are organized by label number. Great for designers, admirers, and collectors alike.


Friday, December 15, 2006

Ben E. Factor - With Pleasure Comes Pain

Factor and Ben.e Elim join forces as Ben.e.Factor to deliver fifteen swaggering tracks of skilled raps and fresh beats featuring Joe Dub, Matre, the stable of Side Road elite and more!

By the time this post goes public you should be able to get the new cd in our store. If you've ever had doubts about the state of Canadian rap, this album should effectively change your mind. The entire Sideroad catalog is another good place to start.

"With Pleasure Comes Pain" features an alternate version of "Struggle" featuring Asita's own Joe Dub. This version will also appear on the vinyl version of Famous Nights. Sound clips coming soon.

Deeskee and Existereo - Hopeless Crooks

The Deeskee and Existereo cd Hopeless Crooks is finally out. It has an all-star list of featured artists and album art by Craola. Don't sleep on the excellent t-shirt+cd deal over at

Two of LA's finest connect to make a heavily expansive and eclectic album. Deeskee has been twisting knobs for quite some time now, producing for handfuls of groups and MC's including 2Mex, The Shapeshifters, Josh Martinez, Tommy V, Neila and countless others. Existereo, has been around for a long time, MC'ing as a member in a number of groups including Shapeshifters, Overfiendz, WhyKnows and most recently Candy's .22. Together they have created an album that not only gives glimpses of their previous efforts, but also offers great insight into their musical taste. A little something for everybody on this one, not to mention a nice line up of guests including $Martyr, Medusa, Myka Nyne, barfly, Mickey Avalon, and more!

hopeless crooks t-shirt and cd pack

Dave Dub - Programmed D out now!

According to the Access store, Dave's "ridiculously long awaited" Programmed D full length album is now shipping!

Check out the GG site for sound clips and future news.

"Addiction. Denial, self pity and fun. If it don't kill you it'll just drive you insane. Excess leads to the palace of wisdom. Welcome to Programmed D. Dave Dub cultivated this 4 year journey documented through compositions that bleed. One of the most elusive and thought provoking rhymers ever to lurk below the surface of the Northern Californian underground scene. A recluse, an anti-conformist, a writer, a non existent entity. Never one to chase success or to envy those who have crossed his path and came up. He's the sax player who played with Bird and Miles up at Minton's that you never heard of."

Grandgood sound clips and more
Programmed D - Access Music