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Friday, April 23, 2010

Depth Affect feat Riddlore - Else's Vision

Ridd never disappoints..

Monday, April 19, 2010 pseudozero's psych podcast

First heard about this new Psych Mix project via a tweet from super artist Lazarus Pit. He does all of the art for Vulgar and some of the brilliant Oooh That's Heavy pic discs. I think it is Laz Pit, pseudozero (from vulgar), and several others.

Six Ton Armor is a platform meant to offer regular psych music podcasts
from various DJs/producers.
By "psych" we mean all music with a psychedelic aspect to it, could be rare 60es / 70es garage records, rare turkish soundtrack, brit Invasion stuff, somalian psych funk, or, well, more recent materials like Broadcast... (anyway, you get it).
We want selectors to show up the amazing/weird pieces of their collection, not the usual boring 3/4 wonky novelties.
We want the other stuff, we want to be suprise! Just like you do when you're looking
for new music.
Don't forget to check out the selector's own pages too, they're mostly accomplished musicians with great music of their own as well.

By clicking once on each Psychcast the mix will start as a stream. You can pause by clicking again. You can't navigate through the mix though.
But! You can download the mixes in MP3 by clicking on the right link and then navigate
as freely as you want.

Rimrimrim is the visual / design guru, while Black Olsun is the almighty curator.
You can hit us at blackolsun[at]gmail[dot]com if you feel like.

Eventually we're supposed to turn into a label with factory pressed stuff,
so be on the look out

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bleek/Avatar - SPEAK EASY 'ST. PATTY'S DAY' [youtube]

Cameos galore..

Friday, April 16, 2010

Kofie [video]

TQOL "Augustine Kofie" from The Qualities of Light on Vimeo.

Quality of Light recently posted a slick mini-documentary about the Los Angeles based artist/painter Kofie and his inspiring creative process. He's responsible for many great things but notably cover art for Lab waste, Orko, etc.

Thanks to Hi Suerte for the heads up!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

S.F.S.M. - San Francisco Street Music page [facebook]

Join Chaz's S.F.S.M. (San Francisco Street Music) page on Facebook. Not only are there a ton of old pictures and scans but also some new music! Fan photos welcomed!

San Francisco Street Music (SFSM) was an underground hip-hop group in San Francisco during the early to mid 1990s. Originally formed by Corey Harris and Charles Hurbert in 1994, SFSM's music was defined by their highly personal lyrics and emotionally charged beats.

Following the self-produced "Word o' Mouth" album (cassette) in 1995, SFSM became a collective of other local artists such as Joe Dub, Jes (Who Cares?), AC75 and many others. "Still Defiant" was released in 1996 as a compilation of songs and snippets recorded during 1995 and featured artists such as Big Shawn (Bored Stiff), Shon Rich (7Gen), Po' EM (Knot Tight), as well as many others. 1995-1998 saw the relase of multiple off-shoot albums such as "The Pride," "The Money Tree," "Coincidentals & Instrumentals," "Skool of Thought," "Noise Pollution" and "From There To Here."

While SFSM never realized broad commercial success, they were considered by many one of the more unique and overlooked groups to emerge from the West Coast underground scene.


Monday, April 12, 2010

Hunter S. Thompson: Rum Diaries

Hunter S. Thompson wrote the Rum Diaries at the age of 22.

As I revisit this book for the third time, it's a fact that never ceases to amaze me. Set in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the Rum Diaries chronicles the misadventures of a pre-Gonzo Thompson, a young journalist in a foreign land. Though I'm a big fan of all of his material (even the past his prime sports columns) this remains one of my favorites, as much for the story, as for what it represents as a formative work.

In digging around for the perfect image, I discovered these box sets that a Los Angeles gallery MBFALA is selling. They are incredibly beautiful and limited to 100 sets. All pictures are from Thompson's private collection. Though I couldn't find a price, a friend promptly messaged me with an answer, "Holy hell these box sets are $4,500 each!"

Still fun to look at...


Coming soon a post about Oscar Zeta Acosta the real life Dr. Gonzo.

*Edit: My friend Robert made a wonderful point in directing me to an affordable book version of the pricey box set. Apparently the originals of these were also made in limited numbers (3,000 made) but were subsequently repressed and available for $14. Link

Saturday, April 10, 2010

SFSM Rase logo

Incredible little hand drawn logo thing Rase did for Street Music. Somewhere along the line shirts were made. I want one! If you any of you have pictures of old school gear, shirts, stickers, etc, get in touch and I'll post them on the blog. Did you know that there were Log Cabin and Universal Soldier shirts made?

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Flyers: SF Street Muzic / Univesal Grooves PT II

Perhaps these images are better served on a tumblr. Still debating/resisting as cross posting on your fb/twitter/tumblr/blogspot/wordpress/website seems a little redundant. Just a little.

click to enlarge ^

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Flyers - High Noon SFSM Flyer / March 31, 1996

Another box of tapes, flyers, notebooks and other ephemera was delivered from our storage spot in S.F. to our door step in Hawaii.

[click to enlarge]

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Wheedles Groove Trailer

Supreme is a true OG...a consumate collector of vinyl, stellar dj, and ambassador for Seattle hip-hop. Check out the trailer to the upcoming Wheedle's Groove DVD he's releasing on Light In the Attic. It's his ode to the amazingly rich music scene which took root in Seattle through the years, and particularly, how the environment shaped the music. The interviews alone look pretty amazing. Two words: Quincy Jones.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Stocklist: Ellay Khule - Rifleman / Knuckle Sandwich vinyl 45 available at

These are going fast. You can procure them directly from our shop, in LA directly from Khule, as well as the stores listed below. Support these fine record retailers! All proceeds going to put out the Cali Classics Volume 2!

teak 23 records (portland)

vulgar records (france) (EUROPE)
substrakt records (switzerland)

we nod (japan)
yellow dog (japan)

more stores soon..

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Vinyl Exchange 1996

[click pic to enlarge]

A blast from the past and only the beginning of our massive scanning efforts. Here's the front page of a June 1996 issue of DJ Stef's Vinyl Exchange. Peep out P-minus' Potpourri a sadly short lived column dedicated to Bay Area hip-hop. Many thanks to both Stef and Paul for showing love over the years!! Remarkably both are still active with music in their own ways. Old ATAK catalogs coming up next. Bored Stiff Timeless on wax for $6.50??

Press: Ellay Khule - Rifleman 45 @ John Book's Record Crack

Music encyclopedia and long time Asita friend, John Book, posted a new review of Cali Classics #1 - Ellay Khule - Rifleman b/w Knuckle Sandwich on his Record Crack blog. Mahalo John!

Via twitter:
RECORD CRACK: Ellay Khule circa 1993 released on 7" 45 rpm single circa 2010 on @AsitaRecordings. Buy in triplicate