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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Classic mixtapes from the 80's!!!!

This is the most amazing archive/time capsule of downloadable mixtapes from the 80's.

Download the MP3's here

Electro, old school rap,scratches, remixes, mastermixes, bootlegs, and private broadcasts. Highly recommended!

Monday, April 25, 2005

Existereo, Ab Rude & Orko on Swedish radio

As originally posted by Bobby Dollars on the La2thebay message board.

Hey hello fellas.
What i am posting here is a one hour radio special with the dudes above. Some of it you might not understand unless you have certain expertize in swedish lingo, you should anyway. It´s on national air and have been the one and only soul/hiphop source since 1978 with the same guy hosting all along - Mats Nileskär!

Probably the only time you´ll hear Clark Nova on swedish national radio haha!


Tuesday, April 05, 2005

another blog?

Another Blog?
The Asita Blog exists to bring you late breaking news from Asita Recordings, as well as La2thebay/Invisible Enemy, Westcoast Workforce, the Shapeshifters, and the world of independent hip-hop in general.

What Kind of Information will I find here?
Expect to find frequent updates on the releases of your favorite westcoast artists, music and show reviews, a few promotional mp3's, show dates, and more! Beyond that we'll basically post anything we find interesting.

There will be a couple of people writing for this blog, so the views expressed by any individual writer, remains the preogative of that writer. This may or may not reflect the views of Asita Recordings, or any of our affiliates. Writers are responsible for their own words.

For now, we're playing it by ear, and are open to suggestions by the 5 people who read this!