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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Flowing Under the Radar - westcoast underground documentary

Definitely, be on the look out for the upcoming documentary film "Flowing Under the Radar." Joe saw an early cut of the finished film in LA and couldn't say enough positive things about it.

If the trailer is any indication, this will mark one of the few moments, when the West coast Underground scene is captured properly, directly from the eyes of a fan and participator. From Scarub stylin' over the Log Cabin era "Sunsprayed" beat (yeah, the one with the nirvana sample), to Jizzm rocking his Farmer's Market verse acapella, to the laundry list of quality artist interviews, this is truly not to be missed!

FLOWING UNDER THE RADAR is a documentary about WEST COAST UNDERGROUND HIP HOP. The film was shot, edited, and directed by hip hop head RK 'LOY LOY' LEYVA. The film's producer, JOSHUA MARTIN, is a independent filmmaker who often gets tattoos from Loy-Loy. After hours in Leyva's tattoo chair and hours more spent listening to many of Leyva's albums and stories, the two decided to make FLOWING UNDER THE RADAR. The film documents the life and rhymes of some of the West Coasts most underground MC's. From playing in front of thousands of fans to barely making rent, these MC's live and love underground hip hop. Featuring members of the SHAPESHIFTERS, VISIONARIES, PROJECT BLOWED, and more...

Flowing Under the Radar