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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Nonce - The Only mixtape

French DJ Bachir created this limited edition deluxe CD mixtape with 65 minutes of tracks by The Nonce, produced by The Nonce, and from Sach's solo career. "This mix is a wonderful introduction to one of the most talented mc's/producers to ever come out of los angeles!" -Omid Walizadeh

Tracklist :

1.Mixtape Intro
2.The Nonce - 'From The Ground Up Eighty Five Mix'
3.The Nonce - 'Who Falls Apart?'
4.The Nonce - 'Live & Direct'
5.Supherb - 'Dominoes, Cards & Chess'
6.Aceyalone - 'Mr Outsider'
7.Supherb - '90008'
8.The Nonce - 'Mix Tapes'
9.Global Phlowtations - 'To The Turn Of The Earth'
10.Sach - 'Black Earth'
11.Sach - 'Number 9'
12.Lynn Ness & Sach - 'Droppin' Jew-els'
13.The Nonce - 'Good To Go'
14.Supherb - 'Mr Hollywood'
15.Sach - 'Go Just To Stop'
16.The Nonce - 'The Sight Of Things'
17.The Nonce - 'On The Air'
18.Sach - 'Joy'
19.The Nonce - 'Just What I Needed'
20.Sach - 'Gold Lace Au'
21.AmmonContact & Sach - 'Into 777'
22.Sach - 'L.I.F.E. Gives'
23.Project Blowed - 'The People'
24.Presto, Sach & LA Jae - 'Soloist Virtuoso'
25.Create - 'Sonny Sharrock'

Thanks to Vulgar visual artist LazPit for the tip!