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Thursday, June 30, 2005

free Dday One mix


Dday is a very talented up and coming producer from Los Angeles. He is part of the Samplist crew in Germany, and has worked with Exist, Subtitle, Metfly, Awol, and more. He just dropped an instrumental album entitled Loop Extensions which you should peep if you can. The sky's the limit, check out his free mix courtesy of the Samplist site.

Samplist Site
dday one on myspace

Omid filling in for Mike Nardone's "We Came From Beyond" radio show

As originally posted by omid:

Sunday night July 3rd 11pm-2am, I will be filling in for Mike N's "we came from beyond" radio show on kxlu 88.9fm in los angeles (la's longest running hip hop show!) You can also tune in online at

Make sure you put the tape deck in record mode, i will be playing exclusives, rare songs, classics, etc.....

Editor: No guarantees (so just tune in!) but I will try to record the show and post the link here when it airs

old school videos

Tons of grainy old school hip-hop videos for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Minor Threat vs. Nike

originally posted at

Nike Campaign "borrows" Album Art

Rob Kleckner reports:

Exhibit A: Classic cover art of Minor Threat's self-titled 1984 compilation.
Exhibit B: Nike Skateboarding's poster image for its "Major Threat" 2005 East Coast Tour.

You don't need a degree in graphic design to notice the similarities here. They're the fucking same. Oh, wait-- one is blue, not red, one says Major, not Minor, and, uh, okay, there are some Nike logos tossed in there. It sort of brings to mind that old interview in which Vanilla Ice attempted to defend the difference between "Ice Ice Baby" and "Under Pressure" ("dun dun dun duh-duh-duh dun" vs. "DUN dun dun dun duh-duh-duh dun").

Come on, Nike, your Swoosh is one of the most iconic brand images in the world-- perhaps a tiny notch below the Golden Arches and maybe Coca-Cola. We understand that trading on the image of a legitimately punk rock, anti-corporate institution will lend some desperately needed credibility to your marketing campaign for the hearts of adolescent skate kids. But doesn't knowing full well that that institution-- in this case the venerable Dischord Records-- would never grant you permission for the use of that image, and just steamrolling the fuck over them anyway because your lawyers can beat up their lawyers negate the very ideals with which you're attempting to equate yourselves? I mean, there's unethical and then there's just flat-out mercenary.

Continue reading here

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Digging Documentary - free video

*July 16, 2005 The link to the digging video has been uploaded again do to overwhelming request.

Excellent documentary about digging for records made by some vinyl heads out in Europe, if I'm not mistaken. Honestly, I prefer this to the Deep Crates DVD, if only based on production value. This documentary is a bit older, but still contains alot of relevant info. It features good in-studio interviews with Pete Rock, Diamond D (not sweaty), Evil D, the Beatminers, and more. -thanks to djobserv for the link

Digging Documentary (30 minutes)

Big Daddy Magazine, april 2002:
"… a fascinating half-hour documentary covering (…) the
art of digging for records and hip-hop production. Filmed
in New York, it features some of the greats talking

Edit: I'd also like to note that I recently discovered that this film was put out by Busybody Films in Denmark. They have a new film out called "Who's Next" that focuses on "new blood" in New York, and is available at

Thursday, June 16, 2005

info about new Deeskee album "Audiobiograffiti"

I'm sure a lot of you are sick of hearing about this album since it's been in the works for so long, but it's real this time!

I'll just start this off by saying thatnks to everyone who's been supporting my music for so long, especially all of those who helped put "Ravish" at ..1 on over a dozen independent radio playlists for the last few months!

Anyways, i never really get antsy and shamelessly self-promote my records too often but i thought it would be a good idea this time. The album i plan to release this year has been literally 6 years in the making...and will be in the making until it drops. Over the years i've been just doing song after song and eventually lots of the material just lands on other people's albums. This album means a lot to me because i feel like it might be damn close to being the album i've always wanted to make (hip hop at least).

So this summer my album "Audiobiograffiti" will finally be released, done, over with.

I'm still trying to squeeze a few new songs on it to leave room to boot a few off if needed so i can't give you all a complete line-up yet. So far contributors are:

2Mex, Lord Zen, LMNO (Visionaries)
Brother J (X-Clan)
Irisna Gayle (Sa-Ra)
Ellay Khule (Project Blowed/ Hip Hop Kclan)
Sach aka Nouka Basstype (The Nonce)
Murs (Living Legends)
Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples)
Rashinel & Eyecue (Hobo Junction)
Dave Dub (Executive Lounge)
Busdriver (Project Blowed)
Subtitle (Labwaste/ Project Blowed)
Sleep, Barfly & Bishop I (Oldominion)
Qwel & Mestizo (Galapagos 4)
Old Joseph (Workforce/ Painkillers)
Longevity (Darkleaf)
Nocando (Customer Service/ Blowed)
Ex Vandalz
The Shapeshifters
Met Fly
Matre of The League

UPDATE: my original post left out....Fatlip, Ceschi, Topic, Thesis Sahib, Xololanxinxo, Tommy V, Premonition (Workforce), Isaiah, Neila, and i'll probably rememeber more later....there's a few big posse cuts on the album.

more still to ba announced......

keep bugging me to finish this album!

Monday, June 13, 2005

anonymous comments

what's on your mind?
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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sixtoo comments on Blowed

The influence that the Blowed/Goodlife may or may not have had on hip-hop, seems to be an never ending point of dispute, with die hard fans on one side and haters on the other. Love or hate the Blowed, it seems like people will never get enough of debating their impact. Here is Sixtoo's take, a response to a message board thread gone ugly.

As someone who has looked up to many of these cats over the years, I can only say this: the fact that blowed never really blew up on the underground like it should have (while white suburban kids that based thier whole thing on a creative philosophy pioneered by these guys) just sucks.

When I was living out in Cali I was *really* trying to put in work with Micah9. I think to this day, if you give him a good beat, he will seriously bruise shit [the last Daddy Kev and Prefuse productions are a testament to that]. He is still one of my faves. I would still love to work with him and think that given the right producer, he could absolutely murder shit.

I used to do buisness with G-Money when I used to run a little hiphop website after graduating from college. We talked about him managing me a long time ago, before my associations with Anticon, while I was still working with a very young Buck65 under a group named Sebutones. G-Money helped me out alot back then, pushing my first couple 12's.. and in some ways I still think he has helped me as a musician.

My first time at Blowed was the night P.E.A.C.E. got out of prison... one of the most tense hiphop nights I have ever felt in my life. Im 31. I have been going to hiphop shows since '87 in broke ass hoods from Junglis to the Bronx and south central LA. Blowed is a rugged ass rapspot man! People were trying to battle PEACE just hours out of prison, and it almost ended in some real shit. There was other crazy shit that went on as well... but looking back on all I can do is admire everyone that was performing there.

Anyways, A few months later I worked on a few songs with P.E.A.C.E that were never released or really finished, and I can tell you that dood in intense, and is a fucking POWERHOUSE in the booth. The last thing I heard him on was Diplo's LP, which I thought was a fucking hot track. Dood can obviously rap and freestyle, whether you feel it or not, on some level you have to respect it.

I have only met the CVE cats a few times, and they have always seemed like serious, hardworking doods, and some of the best freestylers on the planet. The percieved-"spinoff"-blowed LA stuff is the shit that I dig the most outside of the OG Fellowship camp. Darkleaf, Mumbles, OMD and some of the guys that worked with Kev and Hive and OMID (who is one of the best doods on the planet, period), Busdriver, AWOL and some of the other guys. Anyways, my 2 cents on the whole thing is this...

Some people wanna shit on doods for making prograssive rap and inventing styles for whatever reason...
You gonna trash talk a record produced by mumbles and call yourself a record dood? Man, seriously... don't play yourself. I think any self respecting music lover should be able to identify with music moving forward and pushing itself... whether you like it or not.

Without people that take chances on stuff, then the music stays in the exact same place reverse engineering itself. I would rather hear someone trying to make new shit/styles/beats and failing miserably that trying to do the same shit over and over.
I still love and respect Blowed.


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Subtitle in Sweden (video)

Report courtesy of 24-7 Records in Sweden.....

48 hours deep into the 6 week tour with tall-talking-trip Gino. I already realized things won´t be the same after this......

here is something we wanna share from the first day:

(Gino gangstered out)

(the team except our driver/backupdancer all greened up)

(Hollywood in Sweden)

peace to all, don´t forget to check the 247 site for our tour 7", it´s dope. (

Monday, June 06, 2005

Jeremy Fish - I'm With Stupid

Asita friend,ultra-talented artist, and all around nice guy, Jeremy Fish (he's the dude who did our Walk shirts!) is hard at work making moves in the real world. Check out his new book "I'm With Stupid" featuring his trademark illustrations of boobs and animals and beautiful black and white photographs. Either of these can be purchased on the Fecal Face site.

"Im With Stupid" by Jeremy Fish
(learn / buy)

STRANGEco & FIFTY 24SF's Silly Pink Bunny Van
(learn /buy)

Short Fish bio:
SF-based Jeremy Fish is a storyteller whose tales combine humor, social observations and personal experience through illustration, painting, screenprints, murals, and sculpture. He is also the godfather of the global army known as the Silly Pink Bunnies, and co-owner of a small skateboard company called The Unbelievers. In the last two years Jeremy has been fartunate enough to travel to many new places and share his work in Tokyo, Munich, Milan, Vancouver, Zurich, and a mobile art tour across the US. Jeremy enjoys old dodge vans, the color brown, pretty girls, long walks, on the beach, The Big Lebowski and most things.

Please support the art/the artists/and the music and culture you love!

Mixmaster Spade (r.i.p.) - Interview with the "OG Compton Godfather of Rap"

Mixmaster Spade was a founding father of rap in the Westcoast, with a guiding hand in the careers of Compton,LA rap luminaries suchas as NWA, Toddy Tee, Quik, and King Tee. Indirectly, I know he influenced many of your favorite underground musicians as well. Very sadly, he passed away from complications from a motorcycle accident earlier this year. His music lives on...

Mixmaster Spade Interview (courtesty of the Poetess)
Mixmaster Spade Discography (courtesy of Werner)
free DJ Slip "Mixmaster Spade Tribute" album (featuring
legendary producer DJ SLIP of Comptons Most Wanted has posted the "Mixmaster Spade Tribute Album" for free download. The album features tributes from Bigg Snoop Dogg, King T, Tha Chill MC, Toddy Tee, CPO, Bad Azz, Tha Outlawz, Macadoshis of Thug Life, Doggys Angels and a whole lot more.)

Mixmaster Spade - The Genius is Back (mp3)

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Shapeshifters radio interview in Hawaii

Editor: links were updated for another 7 days

The Shapeshifters recently took a 3,000 mile detour across the Pacific, in promotion of their new album "Was Here" on Cornerstoneras. While here in Hawaii, they visited the KTUH studios, to chat with DJ Bone on the Got Rice? show. Here are some MP3's of the show in case you missed it. Clips include freestyles, interviews, and a very interesting caller from Kentucky.

Shapeshifters on Got Rice? - Part 1
Shapeshifters on Got Rice? Part 2

email here if the links are dead

Buy the album "Was Here"

ps-the shifters that showed up were existereo, die, and akuma....joe was also somewhere in the studio