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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Top 2007

French webzine Hip-Hop Core recently did a best of 2007 list with a wide range of some of your favorite musicians. From Vadim, to Jake One, Maker, Deeskee, Gaslamp Killer and more. Though most of the site is in French the lists provide an amusing/quick, and for the most part, English read.

Joe's List
01. Tabi Bonney "A Fly Guy's Theme"
02. Freeway "Free At Last"
03. Devin The Dude "Waitin' To Inhale"
04. Turf Talk "West Coast Vaccine (The Cure)"
05. Eliot Lipp "City Synthesis"

We're appreciative of the unsolicited love we got on lists from Awol One, Ellay Khule, Deeskee, and Mestizo.

link [via]

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Monday, January 28, 2008

This Is The Life - Goodlife Project Blowed documentary premiering in LA

Friday, January 25, 2008

BAYVI: Joe Dub Music Story

Can't believe we forgot to post this one. Here's another Joe Dub interview with the fine folks at BayVI clothing company. Interview conducted in San Francisco.

"While most people are dreaming of four-legged fluffy, fence-hopping animals, he's in the midst of recording his new album, "Pooretry". In him, I see a passion and a drive you don't see in many people, the tireless approach and commitment to the truths of their lives. It's an undying, uncompromising passion doing what you love. We relate to it well, because we do the same with BAYVI."

bayvi blog
bayvi site

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Joe Dub - Getting Better With Age interview with Rolling Stoned

If you haven't heard of Joe Dub yet, it's time you go out and pick up his most recent work of art, "Pooretry". He proves that some things get better with age. It is a 'play from front to back' masterpiece, that will have more replay value than adding up all the garbage you downloaded this past year. The bay area native took time out to chat a bit about music, video games, and Transformers. { interview }

Rolling Stoned is a new but welcome addition to the blog roll, standing apart by posting original content on the regular, instead of the usual "youtube-link-youtube" format.

Earlier this month they interviewed G4 producer Maker, reviewed a King Tee album, and took us on a tour of the Low End Theory.

Ctrl-D and add them to your feeds.

rolling stoned zig zag zine
joe dub interview
interview with maker

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Ceschi - Fake Flowers video

Ceschi via []:

for those who are having trouble finding Fake Flowers - it will be re-released by Squids Eye Records in the spring....
I've been getting a lot of questions about Fake Flowers I wanted to let everyone know that we just put up a rough cut of a 2004 video that was never finished or released...the footage was lost on the director's spoiled hard drive...the song is Missing Child....a song produced by Aloeight that was taken off of Fake Flowers because of a movie sample that the initial label didn't want to fuck with...


Sunday, January 20, 2008

This Is The Life - a film about the Goodlife Cafe movement

I've been waiting a long time for a proper documentary focusing on the Good Life/Blowed movement to emerge. One which would capture the live energy and history of the people and the place with respect and accuracy.

B+' book "It's Not About A Salary" is a good start but books have their limitations.
Freestyle was the only other movie I can think of that has even made passing mention of the Goodlife and it only scratched at the surface. What a missed opportunity given it's title.

We'll see how THIS IS THE LIFE measures up. 2mex attended an advanced screening and gave it a hearty thumbs up. It's directed by a member of Figures of Speech.

No trailer for now. But this should keep you anticipating until then.

Thanks to grandgood for the heads up! Read the GG post with additional links and info.

Hawaii - How are we going to get this in to an island film festival?

THIS IS THE LIFE is a feature-length documentary that chronicles “The Good Life” emcees, the alternative music movement they developed, and their worldwide influence on the artform.

Featuring new interviews with: Myka Nyne and PEACE of Freestyle Fellowship, Chali2na and Cut Chemist of Jurassic 5, NgaFsh, Riddlore, Tray-Loc & Wreckless of CVE, Abstract Rude and Zulu Butterfly of ATU, Ellay Khule of Hip Hop Klan, Medusa of S.I.N, Born Allah, Gangah K, Fatjack, JMD, Omid, Pigeon John, 2Mex of OMD, Jyant & Eve of Figures of Speech, T-Love of Urban Props, Sheena Lester & B+ of Rappages, Mear One, Mike Nardone of KXLU’s We Came From Beyond, Garth Trinidad of KCRW’s Chocolate City, Monalisa Murray, Jah Orah, Hines, Busdriver, Monique Matthews, Keen and B. Hall & R. Kain Blaze, co-founders of The Good Life.

Directed by Ava DuVernay

Coming to a Film Festival Near You in 2008

Monday, January 14, 2008

Team 2mex TV

were shooting a weekly video blog interview show from the house for all the team 2mex heads that will contain one to two interviews and news about the upcoming releases of all the la2thebay crew members.
this week we kicked the first show off with an in depth interview with DEESKEE
west coast most undergound and underated producer in my opinon and upcoming interviews include..
rakka from dilated
brother j from xclan
and more so check for it ..first interview will be up by wed!!!!
enjoy...send me a message asking me who you want me to interview...

*note we'll post the link when we get it*

link [via 2mex' myspace bulletin]

evs interview (talks about convenience store project!)

CONVENIENCE STORE: „Three unlikely individuals brought together for this particular project.“

"Convenience Store consists of evs, rapping enigma Tommy V and Neila, one of the best female MC´s out of Los Angeles. A few weeks ago, they finally released their debut album Apt #227 which took seven years to complete. As evs says in our interview – a new album is definitely possible as long as it doesn´t take next seven years."

Great evs interview regarding the origins of the album, anecdotes about the creative process, and news about what's next.

link [via]

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Convenience Store - Neila, Tommy V, and evs CD

If you are looking for a return to the classic La2thebay sound then this is the cd for you.

What people are saying [via] :

convenience store-apt.227??? the best la2thebay release i have heard in a real long time. each of evs's beats are gems. the evs and ceschi track "handicap" is on my all time favorite song lists. the rest of the album is very good and highly recommended. there are some funny skits on the cd also. props to tommy v. and neila too.

true, great job on that release.
EVS just confirmed his genius. The guy does whatever he wants with the beats, and he does it good. Favorite tracks - Seeitinyou, the one with ceschi of course Can't Wait, What's Your Name...really happy i bought it.

2.What's Your Name
3.Just People (feat. DJ Norm Rocwell) click to listen
6.Cowboy Song (feat. Maleko / Joe Dub / Ceschi) click to listen
7.Handicap Signs (feat. Ceschi) click to listen
8.Can't Wait
9.Wheel Barrel click to listen
10.Papa Was a Rolling Stone (feat. Raj)
11.Smile click to listen


Available in our store, at Prototype Hawaii, We Nod Japan, and of course Access Hip-Hop.

Recognize the store on the cover?