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Sunday, August 06, 2006

DJ Day in Fader

There are few more deserving of recognition than DJ Day. His talent speaks for itself through his music. What you might not know, is that he's constantly doing the little things to put his friends and fam on, which are truly telling of his character. It's rare these days!

Fellow vinyl junkie, rhodes connoisseur, and all around good dude, check out his recent write up in Fader Magazine. Ayers has also posted a link to his Rub set for your downloading pleasure.

DJ DAY Live at the Rub

DJ Day is featured on the Painkillers - Hate Parade album coming to a turntable near you next month.

DJ DAY soundclick
DJ DAY myspace

Spike Jonze documentary on Al Gore

An odd mix of characters converge to take part in this documentary.

You probably know Spike Jonze for music videos like Fat Boy Slim's "Praise You," Beastie Boys "Sabotage," or Pharcydes "Drop." He was even responsible for producing the 1999 full length "Being John Malkovich" which slipped my mind until looking it up on google right now. That being said, he's best known for his music videos, and so this documentary came as a surprise.

"The debut issue of Wholphin includes Spike Jonze's revealing, and never publicly screened, portrait of Al Gore made during the election campaign of 1999. The 22-minute documentary that might have changed the entire course of the 2000 Presidential Election."

Q: I think that no matter what party you belong to, whether you are Republican, Democrat, anything, you look at the film and you think that this is somebody who is an honorable guy, a good guy, a guy who's obviously a family man and whose family loves him. You get this really complete picture of the guy.

Incidentally, Wholphin is the video magazine offshoot of Dave Eggers Mcsweeney's Quarterly.

WATCH the documentary

Wholphin DVD Magazine
The Work Of Director Spike Jonze DVD

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Updates for July 2006

v2 with pictures coming soon...

There is so much to report since the last time we updated,but needless to say, two thousand and six has raced past in a blur. Thankfully, it's been a rather productive blur, with the Ellay Khule and Joe Dub album "In My Own World" finally on the shelves, and the Pooretry record nearing completion in Los Angeles.

The Painkillers abum, Hate Parade, is also on the cusp of being released, along with it's 12 inch counterpart, "Sign On The Door." Check for both releases, the wax has a bonus cut and remix by the immensely talented Lab Waste duo.

Joe is currently drinking lager on Canadian soil, with Factor, Matre, Kirby Dominant and the rest of the Sideroad Records crew. Word is, he'll have his new tour cd, "We'll Always Have July" in hand. Don't sleep, it's a tiny run, of exclusive tracks, and no filler. If you're really curious about it check here for more info. CD features: DJ MARZ, Alex75, a Painkillers remix, KDT (English League), Jonah The Whale (Hawaii), Matth, and S-Cap from Germany.

(*the few remaining copies are being added to the redesigned store, along with Gel's-Laws and Flaws cd, and a few other surprises!)

Factor's "Famous Nights and Empty Days" compilation is also finally here!! We can't say enough about it, shit is dope. You know we don't endorse lightly, if you are looking for something refreshing, you can find sound clips here.