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Monday, April 17, 2006

Underground Sound - Issue 012

Issue 12 of Underground Sound is currently available for your consumption. This issue features a interviews with Gel Roc, K-the-I, soso, and much more.

I was suprised to see a pretty deep, track by track, review of Donald Byrd's - Ethiopian Knights album, a personal favorite. Not to mention, some unbiased gear reviews. I was partial to the one about the Lomo fisheye, which I've had my eye on, for a minute now. Needless to say, there is lots for everyone. Peep!

UGS Mag on Myspace

Friday, April 14, 2006

dave dub site

The Baron Dave Dub finally has a site!

Well sort of. It appears to be a site to promote his upcoming record "Programmed D" made possible by the folks at Grandgood. For me, this has to be one of the most anticipated releases of the last couple of years, next to Audiobiograffiti or Bad Luck and Bad Bitches.

The site is sparse at the moment, but is worth a visit alone, for the leaked Sgt Killmore track, and the light it shines on the new record.

Dave Dub and the Suttercain Gang Site


Nocando show in Hawaii

photo courtesy of lee shaner

Not to be missed up and coming Blowedian, Nocando, makes his debut in the islands, along with his dj, Handprints, and Icon the Mic King. Shows on both May 26th and May 27th. I'm not posting those gigantor fliers, but you can click on the links for detailed info.

Nocando on myspace
May 26th
May 27th

Project Blowed in Live In Paris - YouTube Videos

Uploaded by the homie Bax at

Ellay Khule :
"Unknown track" :
"Sick Boy" :
"Fading Rhythms" :
"Needle Skipping" :
"Kclantastik" :
"Sounds Like" :
Freestyle acapella :

Riddlore? "When You See me" :]

Aceyalone & Riddlore? "Hey Ladies" :

Aceyalone, Riddlore? & Ellay Khule "Who the fuck is you?"

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Monday, April 10, 2006

The History of Los Angeles Graffiti Art

In other news of regional graffiti movies....

It's nice to see Los Angeles documenting important happenings in it's long history of art and culture. I would love to see a book of photography at the caliber of a Martha Cooper or Joe Conzo with a lens pointed towards the West, but I digress!

This set at $49.99 (shipping included in the US) seems a bit pricey at first, but i'm told that the collection is top notch, and includes both a 444 page book and DVD.

Los Angeles residents:
We will be announcing our Los Angeles All-City Book Signing Tour schedule by April 9, 2006.

"The History of Los Angeles Graffiti Art, Volume 1, 1983-1988 is the first book in a series of four books that will cover the years 1983 to 2005. Volume 1 is based on the years 1983 to 1988 and is the starting point to the real story behind the movement that began in the early 1980s. The book documents all aspects of Los Angeles Graffiti Art, while keeping it real and uncut. Some pictures may seem familiar, while others may not. This book will provide you with an unbiased look into this world through the eyes of the people that have lived it.

Within the book, you will discover the truth behind the photos and stories. All interviews and DVD slideshows are uncut and real. It’s exciting and fresh to the point of understanding our culture, without cutting it up."

Piece by Piece: SF Graffiti documented

This is probably old news by now, but the "Piece by Piece" DVD, after many delays, is finally due out in April.

"Piece by Piece is a groundbreaking film that documents San Francisco's highly controversial graffiti art movement. The story offers an intimate journey into the most intriguing and misunderstood artistic movement of modern youth culture by detailing the last 20 years of San Francisco graffiti art. The film explores the history of graffiti in other parts of the country and elaborates on how San Francisco became an international magnet for innovative graffiti styles yet to be seen in other parts of the world. It also examines the wide range of public opinion towards this admittedly illegal art form by giving a voice to the citizens of San Francisco and law enforcement officers. The film captures the artists' heartfelt confessions of their love and addiction to graffiti art and typographic lettering, as well as their social activism and the short life span of their work"

For those in the Bay the movie is showing at the Red Vic. Check your local listings for showtimes, as they are subject to change.

Piece by Piece site
Piece by Piece trailer