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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rick Rock

No matter what your opinions are on the multiude of new Bay Area rap crews (Federation,Turf Talk, Ya Boy) that have been springing up lately, it's hard to deny that Rick Rock's got beats. Below are links to a few clips from his site. Sound quality is kind of bad, but you get the jist.

Rick Rock in the studio

Rick Rock on the drums

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Awol One and Existereo video from Noveau Casino in France


As reposted from the Shapeshifters message board.

Video of a recent Existereo and Awol One show at the Noveau Casino in France
(huge file -- unzipped it's 692,503 KB -- 80 minutes long)

The download is rather difficult to figure out, but I eventually got it to work . Dope show, also featuring Biru, Drunken Immortalz and Tekilatex (from TTC, France).

Below are some very basic instructions:

If you don't have win rar download it now. It should be at the bottom of the page. Download all of the individual rar files (Awol One & Existereo.part01 - through- 048) in to one folder (just right click and save). Make sure you've downloaded all of the rar's or it won't work when you ty to unzip it Now, double click the Awol One & Existereo.part01.rar. This should bring up a Winrar prompt and a file should show. Highlight the file, and then click "Extract to." Extract file to a directory on your computer that will be easy to find. Desktop is a good one. Then let it unzip itself. The watchable file should now be in whatever directory you directed it to. It is in wmv format.

Note: I'm pretty sure there is an easier way than individually right-clicking each link that involves Flash Get, but I'm not sure how to do it. If you do e-mail me here or leave a comment and I'll share the info.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Joe Dub interview in Issue 10 of Undergr(s)ound magazine

Check out Issue 10 of Canada based undergr(s)ound for a brand new interview with Joe Dub. Joe discusses his production set up, relives a crazy busride with Subtitle in SF, and clears up some confusion about his many names (Old Joe, Young Joe, Joe Dub, etc.) This issue also includes a good interview with super producer Omid.

Underground Sound Magazine

Phongraphique - Also check out their store/distro for Asita merchandise as well as lots of hard to find music, with a focus on Canadian and Westcoast underground artists. They have a good promotion right now for your choice of 5 bully 7" for $30.

D-nice Journal!

The TR-808 is coming! It seems like everyone and anyone has an online journal these days. But, I was still surprised when I stumbled across D-nice's blog. Good industry stories, photographs, a few mp3's, and it's rather frequently updated.

D-nice Blog
They Call Me D-nice MP3 (1987)

**editors note: that was smart, i forgot the link to the blog. check it out above!

free m-fusion mix

Download the full mix and an original artwork made by M.Fusion himself here:

Telechargez la mixtape
(click on "Téléchargez la mixtape")

Tracklisting :

01. Vangelis - Main Title (Blade Runner)
02. Angelo Badalamenti - Fred's World
03. Eric Serra - Leeloo
04. Shapeshifters - Message 4 Yer Planet
05. Uptown - Dope On Plastic 06.
CVE - What A Pitty
07. The Nonce - Who Falls Apart
08. MC Ez & Troop - Get Retarded
09. East Flatbush Project - Tried By 12 (Autechre Mix)
10. Subtitle - A Textbook Remix
11. Skinny Puppy - Fritter (Stella's Home)
12. M.Fusion feat. Die Young - Plan 9.5 Remix
13. Sach - Sach 5th Avenue%2

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Concert pics from Germany posts some photos from some recent shows in Europe. Subtitle (Labwaste) and Nocando (Customer Service), Exist and Awol (Shapeshifters), and more.

Concert Pics

Subtitle's not just a rapper

Subtitle IMF commercial

Subtitle appears in two new commericials! Classic.

Ellay Khule interview on WCI

Pseudo was kind enough to send us a translated version of his recent interview with Ellay Khule.

Ellay Khule WCI Interview

If you haven't been to this French based site before, be sure to check it out. It's completely devoted to the Westcoast underground scene. There are lots of interviews with Deeskee, Subtitle, OMD, Busidriver, etc.