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Friday, July 29, 2005

Brother J on Russel Simmons Def Poetry HBO!

Check out the Brother J on Russell Simmon's Def Poetry on HBO this Friday, July 29th 2005.

New single from Brother J presents "The Underground Scrolls" available Fall 2005 from 720 Ent/Om Records; A prelude project to the new X Clan Album "Return from Mecca"

check out x clan on myspace:

the page features a song from "The Underground Scrolls"
album "Do It Again" music production by ACL.

Further reading:
Brother J's record label,
brother J interview with davey d
new x-clan 12" single "The One" on

excellent .wmv audio interview with Brother J regarding commercial vs. underground, history, the current state of hip-hop and much more. audio interview courtesy

Brother J will be appearing on Deeskee's Audiobio album as well as many projects in the works. get prepared for Brother J in 2005 and beyond!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

omid podcast

Hey people,
Check your iTunes and subscribe to the bi-monthly Alpha Pup Records podcasts. ("Alternative Hip-Hop Lounge")

Now available two exclusive mix sets from Daddy Kev & Omid
link to podcast

Available on iTunes: exclusive version of "Omid Presents" from Alphapuprecords featuring 6 new instrumentals.

Link courtesy of omidpage

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Indie-Cent Exposure Pt. 3 featuring an exclusive Joe Dub track

Indie-cent Exposure 3 (the mixtape) is out on Futility Records on Friday. It will feature an exclusive track from Joe's upcoming solo album, POORETRY, entitled "Renegade Music" plus a whole host of other underground hip-hop, mainly exclusive, mainly from Canada. tracklisting

Joe's upcoming album POORETRY has been two years in the making and will feature Radioinactive, Existereo, Die, Topic, Ellay Khule, Nocando, and more! Production is a mixed bag, mainly handled by Joseph, Alex75, and also featuring Deeskee, Matth (Dear El-P), Ceschi on keyboards, and Jukka/Kali Yuga in Finland.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Rupert Murdoch buys

Rupert Murdoch's communications empire buys out everyones favorite online community.

Tom of "fame" is now 518 million dollars richer, thanks to Rupert Murdoch.

Read about the sale here

In related news:

I highly recommend the movie "Outfoxed" if you are interested in Murdoch's business practices. The movie focuses on the power of the media, and specifically Fox News, as a central cog in the propaganda machine.

Outfoxed examines how media empires, led by Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, have been running a "race to the bottom" in television news. This film provides an in-depth look at Fox News and the dangers of ever-enlarging corporations taking control of the public's right to know. The film explores Murdoch's burgeoning kingdom and the impact on society when a broad swath of media is controlled by one person."

Bonus fact: Murdoch's son, James, went on to form a small label by the name of Rawkus in 1996

exclusives and downloads on Deeskee's music page!

Deeskee finally made himself a page for his music.

now there's info, pictures music, etc on there.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Shock G calls it quits

Shock G, the talented front man, from the Oakland based group Digital Underground, calls it quits. Perhaps, this makes a larger statement about the pressures of doing something you love with (sometimes) little reciprocation.

"I'm retiring from all forms of studio work and song writing.

My reasons for retiring are:
1. I get no satisfaction or fullfillment from it anymore. It doesn't make me happy. On the contrary, it depresses me.
Normally I'm not depressed, it's only surrounding the studio. I'm happy when I'm away from the studio.

2. Can't make a living at it. 90% of the studio work I've done in the last 6 years has all been either for free or for peanuts, and hasn't generated any income since.

3. It drives me to do drugs, cause I HATE BEING IN THE STUDIO. To much pressure & expectation for me to make/save/spark someone elses career or project. link (read more), courtesy of, Shock G interview, discography

Monday, July 04, 2005

Free podcast mix from Daddy Kev

"Underground podcast - episode 1" features unreleased tracks from P.E.A.C.E. & D addy Kev(from "Green Mile") and Blackbird & Paris Zax ("Bird's eye view" coming next sept.) as well as cuts from AWOL, Paris Zax, ATU, Sach and more.

Find it here :

Alpha Pup Records is an up and coming record label owned by Daddy Kev former CEO of Celestial and producer extraordinaire of projects like
Soul Doubt (Awol), Timetable (Mikah), Temporary Forever (Busdriver). They have also acquired a bunch of old classic catalogs by Fat Jack, ATU, and Deeskee, and have signed Subtitle, Exist, Ricci Rucker, and others. One to watch.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Moog - a film by Hans Fjellstad

Moog -a film by Hans Fjellestad

This movie focuses on Robert Moog, who was responsible for designing and building theremins in the 1940's. It was, however, the development of the Moog synthesizer, an analog instrument with electronic components, that made the moog name synonymous with electronic music.

Haven't had a chance to watch this one yet, but it looks to be a good introduction to the world of electronic instruments, and the man behind the music.

Watch the
Moog trailer
Analog Days by Trevor Pinch

Artists who have employed the moog: Beach Boys,
Bob Margouleff and Malcolm Cecil, Jean Jaques Perrey