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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Run-Off Groove: Pooretry review

Here's John Book's review of Pooretry which ran in his Run-Off Groove blog. It's refreshing to hear the opinions of someone who is so knowledgeable about music, who's opinions you can trust, but who also comes from a completely different sonic point of view. Wonder if John got the nod to the Beastie's in Renegade Music?

Pooretry Review

John Book has been a music journalist for 23 years. Along with being one of the original contributing editors to the "All Music Guide" in 1992, he was a contributing writer to "The Rocket", "Goldmine", and "Discoveries", along with over 70 different publications. His knowledge of music comes from 28 years of record collecting/accumulating, and a curiosity about those sounds embedded within leading to a lot of research. Outside of the music he listens to, he is also an artist/producer working under the name Crut. An album is being recorded for release hopefully before the end of 2007, with more to follow. On the web, he was the founder of the Unofficial Wu-Tang Clan Mailing List (U-WU), and had also done fan sites for Prince Paul and Ozomatli before devoting his focus on his own work. One of his major passions is to share information and history about the various aspects of recorded Hawaiian music in the 20th century. He is currently working on a book that he hopes will be the first of many to come.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 launch!

Check out writer/skater Travis Jensen's brand new site. There will be tons of updates, photos, news clippings, columns, and contests to keep your interest piqued. The quality content is certainly bookmark worthy!

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to my new and improved website, Travis Jensen SF Dot Com. This site has been a long time coming! Here you will find select works from my portfolio, tons of new photos and videos, interviews, book reviews and a frequently updated blog, among other features.

I’ll be adding a host of both new and old content to the site over the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check back frequently and religiously for updates.

Special thanks to Margo, Mike and Ben at Legitify Studios for bringing this site to life.


Travis Jensen

Last Week's Contest:

And on that note, I leave you with this Freestyle Fellowship vid from 1993. Peep the homie Ellay Khule (aka: The Rifleman) at 00:47. Platinum! Actually, hold up a sec…let’s run a little contest here. I got a FREE Left-Handed Stories and No Comply book combo and a set of Ian Johnson signature series 52mm HI FI Wheels for the first person that can tell me which skater used this song in their video part back in the mid-90s. Email your answers to Good luck!



Friday, June 06, 2008

People's Grocery - food justice in West Oakland

"In West Oakland, California, where liquor stores have replaced markets, People's Grocery is creating a healthy alternative, offering access to organic produce. Through urban gardens and local farms, People's Grocery supports a culture based on connection to the land, sustainable agricultural practices, and regenerating community."

This is a must watch.

I meant to post about the People's Grocery awhile back, but it seems even more topical given today's headlines. With the rising cost of gas, loss of jobs, and weak market, a perfect storm is brewing and it's our backyards. The People's Grocery is an inspiring answer to the issues of food in-justice facing communities who are pushed to the margins of society.

I've always thought that Hawaii should seek to do something similar. Especially given the state of native Hawaiian health, such creative solutions are not just novel but necessary.
By re-creating a connection with the land and the sea and taking responsibility and stewardship we begin to reclaim control over our health and environment.

Also important, is that we should strive to import much less (we currently import 90% of our food and energy), so that we can work to create a more self-sustaining agricultural economy. Easier said than done,yes, but it is programs like The People's Grocery that provide hope.

People's Grocery even has their own little hyphy anthem!
the good fight video

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