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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ellay Khule and Joe Dub - In My Own World cd!!

These are finally available for order off our site!

The much talked about release from Ellay Khule a.k.a. the Rifleman & Joe Dub is here!!!! 19 tracks of pure hip-hop heat, featuring NoCanDo and singer Brittany Jones.

Ellay Khule has been a mainstay on the LA underground / Project Blowed scene for more than a decade and hasn't missed a beat yet. One of the true originators of the "chop," he's spearheaded a movement along with his peers from The Good Life that has been followed, studied and copied, spawning many offspring in the hip hop community. MC/Producer Joe Dub is no rookie either. With a like minded yet equally challenging commitment to this collaboration, these two have truly created an album that not only defines the west coast sound, but also sets a standard."

"2 of the underground's finest, resulting in an album for the true hip hop fan!"


"Reminiscent of some b-boy mosh pit shit!"


"Quite possibly the definitive Ellay Khule album"



1. Khule Breeze 2. Triflin 3. Man or Myth 4. Rock On 5. Old School (feat. Joe Dub) 6. They Call Me Khule 7. Top of the World 8. Men@Work 9. Interlude Breath Break 10. In My Own World 11. Stamp em Anthem 12. Unlucky (feat. NoCanDo) 13. Settle the Score 14. Universal 15. The Entertainer 16. Mr Electricule 17. Khule is Back(instrumentalude) 18. West Present 19. Superb Spit

Available at these fine retailers, with more spots to be added....

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Clement Cement: with Travis Jensen, Ian Johnson, and ANDO

Here is a little you tube video that the SF Masher passed along to us, chronicling the Clement Cement party, that he was a part of.

Editors Note: I had no idea that Ian Johnson was the same Ian from the group "Private School." Very dope stuff.


Below is a link to a video that Hidehiko Fujiwara made from the recent Clement Cement show at the 3131 Office in San Francisco. The show -- which was an enormous success -- featured myself, Ian Johnson (painter), and ANDO (photographer).



Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Gel Rock - Never Knew Me video directed by Awol One

Here's Gel's "Never Knew Me" off his latest release Laws and Flaws. The video is directed by Awol One, check it out!

"Never Knew Me" video

Gel's myspace

How Vinyl Records are Made (youtube)

Here are two youtube videos on how vinyl records are made. The complexity of the process is truly face melting, especially in contrast to the point and click level of concentration, invovled in burning a cd-r.

How Vinyl Is Made Part 1
How Vinyl Is Made Part 2