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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Factor - 13 Stories URB 4 star review

Oooh That's Heavy does it again this time with what I believe is their first CD release. Well known for their beautiful, limited edition picture discs, this time around they drop Factor's brand new full length 13 Stories. From what I've heard a vinyl EP of some of the songs will also be released on pic disc later this year.

01. Sounds Good To Me (Hip Hop) feat. Ellay Khule, Medusa and Joe Dub

02. Don’t Jock The Dead feat. AWOL One and Sole

03. Batteries Not Included feat. Onry Ozzborn

04. Black Fantasia feat. Sunspot Jonz

05. Keep It On track Now feat. Sleep

06. Money In The Bank feat. Existereo

07. In Through The Alley feat. Cam The Wizzard

08. Pulling The Wings Off Of Angles feat. Nolto

09. Vicious Cycle feat. Icon The Mic king

10. Luck Ducks feat. Def3

11. Tell Me feat. NoCanDo

12. Sinking Ship feat. Kay The Aquanaut

13. Sacrifice feat. Noah23

All beats produced By: Factor

URB gives it a hearty four star stamp of approval in a review here.

Monday, February 15, 2010

ellay khule - rifleman b/w knuckle sandwich 45 / test pressings are in!

Contra Band 45 at turntablelab (warehouse sale)!

Turntable Lab is having a rare warehouse moving sale which means 20% off all vinyl, cd's, and dvd's. That means you can score that Contra Band 45 for less than a fiver! Or get that limited edition 9dw 2LP for an unreal price! It's a total buyers market out there right now (at online stores/e-bay, etc) Don't be left crying when the economy rebounds!


John Book flips through vinyl [video]

John Book's recent video proves that there are still folks who buy new vinyl (and new music for that matter). In this short but sweet video, he flips through some recent favorites.

Filing records away (February 15, 2010) from John Book on Vimeo.

@asitarecordings / twitter

Still learning the ropes of this twitter thing that is all the rage with the kids. To say Joe is unimpressed/disinterested by it would be an understatement.

But if you want, you can add us @asitarecordings. We'll be updating frequently.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Elliot Bergman (NOMO) creates Kalimbas in his workshop.

Buy 1 of 20 handmade kalimbas

Maurice White freaking the kalimba:

Kalimba Wiki

Monday, February 08, 2010

Jake One/Freeway - Stimulus Package Album Packaging

The new Jake One/Freeway album The Stimulus Package comes with some of the flossiest packaging I've ever seen.

Freeway & Jake One went all out with this package: money green marbled double vinyl, 4 Freeway Bills, 4 Jake One Bills, with lyrics and liner notes on the backsides, a Gate Fold Sleeve, plus a download card with the Instrumentals and MP3s. This unique package was put together by Hip-hop's Iconic Designer, Brent Rollins.

Lest we forget about the true star of the show, the music. The sample song is pretty damn dope. I'm definitely looking forward to this release.

CD packaging:

How big is the stimulus package?

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Grain Edit: Album covers selected by Cool Chris (Groove Merchant)

Grain Edit is a favorite of mine featuring extensive coverage on design and music and all points in between. Here Cool Chris of Groove Merchant Records San Francisco shares some of his favorite album covers.

Check out Groove Merchant when you get a chance. If you have the money, they have the goods. You won't be finding those dollar bin miracles here, but you will find solid, fair prices on high quality, hand picked, music.

Let me holler @ that James Tatum record! Beautiful deeply spiritual/religious jazz from Indiana.
Listen here.

Look at album covers here.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

PRESS: Contra Band 45 review by John Book

John Book reviews the Contra Band 45 on his blog, This Is Book's Music . Read the review here.

Just saw this now. Thanks John!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Nonce interview from 1995 [video]

Finally, someone ripped this interview from 1995. Nonce one of the greatest groups to ever do it. R.I.P. Yusef.

What keyboard did the Nonce use on World Ultimate?
Hear: Sight of Things

Monday, February 01, 2010

Amoeba's; What's In Your Bag

Cool little feature hipped to me by someone on twitter. (I guess it does have its non brain cell burning uses!) The basic premise is that folks share what kinds of records their picking up. A brilliant way of sharing love for music.

Africa Bambaata
Barry Zito
Look Daggers
Large Professor

Grand Invincible - The Way We Revolt [video]

The first single off their second album "Cold Hand in the Dice Game" Released in early 2010 on the Zerofriends label. Grand Invincible is DJ Eons One and Luke Sick.

Triumph of the Underdog

“The rhetoric surrounding jazz is changing. The notion that jazz is the music of the underdog’s liberation, that it is intrinsically radical is not to be found in most serious discussions about jazz today. The best jazz playing today has made room for the notion that this music makes its own meaning without the superimposition of any political or intellectual one, that it will advance by slow degrees, and that it will go around and around in further understanding and refinement of itself, eating its own tail.
Structural newness, genre newness, is not necessarily what we are looking for; what we want is the musician’s individual expression: honoring the past while being yourself.”

Ben Ratliff in his recent book, “Coltrane: the Story of a Sound.”