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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Presto - Conquer Mentally video with Sadat X & Large Professor

Check out Presto's video from his upcoming album State Of The Art dropping on Concrete Grooves June 17, 2008. "Conquer Mentally" features Sadat X & Large Professor. "On" features LOWD. Video directed by Jake York & Marcos Ponce.

Presto is the homie who blessed us with a beat for the track "Khan" off Pooretry featuring Topic. He's been holding it down for years with his label Concrete Grooves, with styles ranging from downtempo to jazzy hip-hop instrumentals, and all points in between. If you are looking for something refreshing definitely seek his music out. You won't be disappointed.

"Organic, soulful and refreshingly contemporary, Presto has spent the last decade perfecting a production style that infuses hard-hitting hip hop beats with an ethereal touch of jazz. As the pioneer behind the critically-acclaimed independent label Concrete Grooves, Presto has put forth several selections reflecting his eclectic range of influences. Never one to be swayed by trends, Presto has always been able to focus his energy on creating quality music - songs that will withstand the test of time and eventually find their place among the crates of future DJs. Such versatility is evidenced in the score of artists he has worked with, including such luminaries as Sach, Kim Hill, Lowd, J Medeiros (the Procussions), Raashan Ahmad (Crown City Rockers), Fat Jack, DJ Smash, Mums The Word, and Nobody as well as his work on Mark Farina's Mushroom Jazz series and his musicianship in the Wayward Saints."

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Blogger Chad said...

presto killing it! sadat x and large professor? what!!!!!

8:45 PM  
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