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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eliot Lipp Sometimes Goes Outside: XLR8R TV (video)


Episode No. 70
Eliot Lipp Sometimes Goes Outside

Brooklyn-based electro-hip-hop specialist Eliot Lipp has lots of reasons to stay inside, his amazing collection of analog gear being one. In this episode, we pry him out of his studio and get him to talk about his new album, The Outside, as well as indulge in some bottom-of-the-barrel crate-digging and ice cream—but not without a good, old-fashioned in-studio synth nerd-out first.


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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Factor feat. Myka 9 - Good Old Smokey (My Kanine) video

I never imagined these visuals set to this song, but I think they did a really good job with it.

Be sure to check out the Chandelier 7" full color pic disc,released by Oooh That's Heavy. It features this song and a whole EP's worth of others. Also dropping soon, the Chandelier full length which will be coming out in Japan on Hue, and in the US on Ceschi's Fake Four imprint.

Friday, July 04, 2008


Never really been a huge fan of Xlr8r magazine in the past. It was nothing personal, I just didn't seem to share the same opinions or taste in music. However when a friend sent a link to the recent Kon and Amir video on the site, I was pleasantly surprised by some changes in format. Asita friends from Hamburger Eyes also contribute a worthy video, along with videos from Devin the Dude, Flying Lotus, Lyrics Born, Bun B and more!

kon and amir digging in ny

hamburger eyes in san francisco

Copyright Criminals: Film about Sampling

Did this ever come out? The trailer looks quite promising and a bit different from the other movies in this genre who simply glorify. The film explores some of the new legal issues that confront musicians who sample.

Although this 10-minute work-in-progress draws from interviews used in the documentary Copyright Criminals: This is a Sampling Sport, it does not reflect the overall look, feel, and narrative of the full-length documentary.

Copyright Criminals will be completed in Spring 2007 and submitted to film festivals, to be followed by a DVD release.

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