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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Xololanxinxo and Riddlore - Benefit for Katrina Hurrican victims

Posted by Xinxo:

We are looking to put a benefit show together asap for the people of New Orleans..We know our shitty government will only help the upper class, and forget about us struggling folks! Please we ask all emcees out of the blowed and surrounding families to join up with us to raise money 4 the people of New Orleans! New Orleans is 1 of the 2 cities in the country to have a below poverty line 4 it's resident's.. I Xololanxinxo & Rhyming Riddlore will perform and host a show where all proceeds will go to the communities of New Orleans.. There willl be a board of Los Angeles community organizers that will guarantee all monies make it to the people! For now any donations can be delivered to St Andrews park! Off of Western and Manchester next to the footlocker from 10 am til 6pm. Water, cangoods, blankets ,towels,hygiene products,clothes, diapers and volunteers everything will help! We must come together and make this difference!

Check the La2thebay message board for more info. I know the last thing anyone is looking for is a pat on the back, but its selfless acts like these that have helped to redeem my faith in human beings. Please help in any way you can!


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