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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Omid - We Came From Beyond mix (download)

As promised, Omid's "We Came From Beyond" mix, is finally here.

Posted by Omid:

Available Now!!! Omid filled in on Mike Nardones legendary radio show "We came from Beyond." I edited it down to 2 segments (parts 1 & 2), over 2 hours of UNRELEASED, RARE and CLASSIC underground hip hop! Available exclusively on Just type OMID in the search box! The following is the songlisting, all songs played in full!!! This is my cousin's site so thanks for the support,

Omid "We Came from beyond Mix" Part 1 (66 Minutes)

1. Saafir- "Bull-ish"
2. Rakim- Unreleased Accapella
3. Ellay Khule & Omid- "Califormula Mix"
4. Kool Keith- Unreleased
5. Cenobites- "Lex Lugor"
6. Ultramagnetic Mc's- "Raise it up"
7. Spoon (of Iodine)- Unreleased Goodlife Performance
8. Big Daddy Kane & Kool G Rap- "Raw" (remix)
9. Ganjah K- 1993 We came from beyond performance (Unreleased)
10. Jamalski, DJ Quik & MC Ren- Unreleased Session
11. King Sun- "Sippin' Brandy"
12. The Nonce- "Just What i needed"
13. Sach & Omid- "LA NY Jump"
14. Sach- "Complicate"
15. Figures of Speech- "Alpha Omega" (Unreleased)
16. Downtown Science- "Room to Breathe"

Omid "We Came from beyond Mix" Part 2 (71 minutes)

1. Pigeon John, Sach, Ellay Khule, Omid- "The People"

2. MF Grimm- "Chicken Little"
3. MF Grimm- "Bloody love letter"
4. MF Grimm- "Tick, Tick"
5. Ellay Khule & Omid- "Very Latest Styles"
6. Hard Knocks- "Nigga for Hire"
7. The Coup- "5 million ways to kill a CEO"
8. Funkytown Pros- "Situations"
9. Paris- "Hate that Hate Made" (Extended Version)
10. Immortal Technique- "Peruvian Cocaine"
11. Chali2na- Unreleased Goodlife Performance
12. KRS-One- "Hip Hop VS Rap"
13. Poor Righteous Teachers- "Strictly Mashin"
14. Slick Rick- "Mistakes of a Woman"
15. Organized Konfusion- Unreleased Session
16. Mikah 9- Unreleased Goodlife Performance
17. Del- "Eye Examination"
18. Longevity, Deeskee, Omid- "Electric City Remix"
19. Aceyalone, Spoon (of Iodine), CVE- "Jurassic"
20. Awol One and Massive- "KXLU Drop!"

Available ONLY on, just search for Omid. Songlistings are also available on the site, once you click on the Omid mix, click on "lyrics"
omid site


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