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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Chuck D - On The Real on NOLA tragedy (download)

This is essential listening. Chuck D speaks out on the terrible injustices (lack of federal response) that is ongoing in NOLA and the rest of the Gulf Coast, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. His weekly AM radio program, "On The Real" typically tackles hot button issues and under reported news, this episode is no different.

Chuck D opens the show with the ever appropriate
Syl Johnson classic, "Is It Because I'm Black"? He then shares a moving poem he wrote.

The panel discusses grassroots ways to help, the ethics of giving, the importance of knowing where your donations are going, "the wake up call," and much more!

Here are some quotes:

"The Red Cross has already admitted that on it's web site that it akes almost 40% for administrative costs."

"FEMA, on it's web site, says their number 2 organization to give to is Operation Blessing, founded by none other than Pat Robertson, who two weeks ago said let's go assasinate Hugo Chavez. Hugo Chavez along with Fidel Castro have pledged over 3 million dollars to black people in America; in aid, monitary aid, oil for their generators, and to send over 500 troops and relief workers, and Condoleezza Rice has said no."

"We need to have dark nights to see the light. It has to happen that way. This is the wake up call. People from all over in our community are waking up, I'm getting alot of response, the anger is deep, and people see it for what it is, you can't gloss over this."

"Who I really feel has really stepped up to the plate is the hip-hop generation, the 18-35 cohort, and I don't mean Diddy or none of them. Today, the Reach Hip-Hop coalition formerly known as the Coalition Against Hot 97 had a rally and vigil at Union Square, over 1000 people showed up with less than 2 hours notice, mostly young people. I think this is the wake up call for our generation."

Let's hope so...

On The Real with Chuck D
21CF dot org


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