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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Indie-Cent Exposure Pt. 3 featuring an exclusive Joe Dub track

Indie-cent Exposure 3 (the mixtape) is out on Futility Records on Friday. It will feature an exclusive track from Joe's upcoming solo album, POORETRY, entitled "Renegade Music" plus a whole host of other underground hip-hop, mainly exclusive, mainly from Canada. tracklisting

Joe's upcoming album POORETRY has been two years in the making and will feature Radioinactive, Existereo, Die, Topic, Ellay Khule, Nocando, and more! Production is a mixed bag, mainly handled by Joseph, Alex75, and also featuring Deeskee, Matth (Dear El-P), Ceschi on keyboards, and Jukka/Kali Yuga in Finland.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

im looking forward to pooretry...cant wait to hear the stuff with ceschi

i still want those cds..but i havent been online...
ill get at you soon


4:37 AM  
Blogger anasarca said...

ceschi's playing fender rhodes on that track....i hope we can get an instrumental out of him for the painkillers album which is almost done! talk to you soon. L

12:40 PM  

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