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Friday, July 29, 2005

Brother J on Russel Simmons Def Poetry HBO!

Check out the Brother J on Russell Simmon's Def Poetry on HBO this Friday, July 29th 2005.

New single from Brother J presents "The Underground Scrolls" available Fall 2005 from 720 Ent/Om Records; A prelude project to the new X Clan Album "Return from Mecca"

check out x clan on myspace:

the page features a song from "The Underground Scrolls"
album "Do It Again" music production by ACL.

Further reading:
Brother J's record label,
brother J interview with davey d
new x-clan 12" single "The One" on

excellent .wmv audio interview with Brother J regarding commercial vs. underground, history, the current state of hip-hop and much more. audio interview courtesy

Brother J will be appearing on Deeskee's Audiobio album as well as many projects in the works. get prepared for Brother J in 2005 and beyond!


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