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Thursday, June 16, 2005

info about new Deeskee album "Audiobiograffiti"

I'm sure a lot of you are sick of hearing about this album since it's been in the works for so long, but it's real this time!

I'll just start this off by saying thatnks to everyone who's been supporting my music for so long, especially all of those who helped put "Ravish" at ..1 on over a dozen independent radio playlists for the last few months!

Anyways, i never really get antsy and shamelessly self-promote my records too often but i thought it would be a good idea this time. The album i plan to release this year has been literally 6 years in the making...and will be in the making until it drops. Over the years i've been just doing song after song and eventually lots of the material just lands on other people's albums. This album means a lot to me because i feel like it might be damn close to being the album i've always wanted to make (hip hop at least).

So this summer my album "Audiobiograffiti" will finally be released, done, over with.

I'm still trying to squeeze a few new songs on it to leave room to boot a few off if needed so i can't give you all a complete line-up yet. So far contributors are:

2Mex, Lord Zen, LMNO (Visionaries)
Brother J (X-Clan)
Irisna Gayle (Sa-Ra)
Ellay Khule (Project Blowed/ Hip Hop Kclan)
Sach aka Nouka Basstype (The Nonce)
Murs (Living Legends)
Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples)
Rashinel & Eyecue (Hobo Junction)
Dave Dub (Executive Lounge)
Busdriver (Project Blowed)
Subtitle (Labwaste/ Project Blowed)
Sleep, Barfly & Bishop I (Oldominion)
Qwel & Mestizo (Galapagos 4)
Old Joseph (Workforce/ Painkillers)
Longevity (Darkleaf)
Nocando (Customer Service/ Blowed)
Ex Vandalz
The Shapeshifters
Met Fly
Matre of The League

UPDATE: my original post left out....Fatlip, Ceschi, Topic, Thesis Sahib, Xololanxinxo, Tommy V, Premonition (Workforce), Isaiah, Neila, and i'll probably rememeber more later....there's a few big posse cuts on the album.

more still to ba announced......

keep bugging me to finish this album!


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Crazy guests lists !

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