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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Grain Edit: Album covers selected by Cool Chris (Groove Merchant)

Grain Edit is a favorite of mine featuring extensive coverage on design and music and all points in between. Here Cool Chris of Groove Merchant Records San Francisco shares some of his favorite album covers.

Check out Groove Merchant when you get a chance. If you have the money, they have the goods. You won't be finding those dollar bin miracles here, but you will find solid, fair prices on high quality, hand picked, music.

Let me holler @ that James Tatum record! Beautiful deeply spiritual/religious jazz from Indiana.
Listen here.

Look at album covers here.


Anonymous dave said...

Thanks for the props on grain edit. I appreciate it. I think we know some of the same people. I used to talk to Matt Chang and Deeskee back in the day.

11:03 PM  
Blogger anasarca said...


Great to hear from you..

Wow I had no idea that you were the brains behind Grain Edit! I checked out the GE Facebook page and realized who you were. What a small world. We still talk to Noel and Matt on a weekly basis, and while I've lost touch with a lot of them, a few of the anti con guys as well.

I also knew Mike Edwards (we used to trade records and tapes years ago) and if I remember correctly you guys used to hang out a lot back then. Whatever happened to him?

Thanks again for the amazing blog. It fuses everything I love in one place.


2:54 PM  
Anonymous dave said...

Hey Lauren,

Thats a great question. I'm not sure what happened to Mike. Last I knew he was working at a bookstore in San Francisco ( This was 3 years ago). He was my roommate for a few years back around 2001.

Tell Deeskee and the rest of the crew I say hi.

9:46 PM  

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