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Friday, June 23, 2006

Deeskee - Invisible Enemy Volume 2 mixtape

Cop Deeskee's brand new mix cd hot of the presses! Tons of exclusives and unreleased tracks.

Deeskee will have these exclusively on the $martyr tour, and Joe should have some on the Sideroad/Canada tour as well.

1. Intro- Jean Grae, Brother J, Son Doobie, DJ Bizarro Beat By Deeskee Beatbox By Jean EXCLUSIVE
2. Sach- Mixtapes '06 Beat by Deeskee EXCLUSIVE
3. Joe Dub- Renegade Music Beat by Joe UNRELEASED
4. GPAC- The Turn Of The Earth Beat by Omid
5. ATU, Slug, Eyedea, Busdriver, LMNO, 2Mex & Xololanxinxo- Frisbee Beat by Daddy Kev
6. C-Formula & Los Vegas- Unclassy Nasty Music/ Beat by Deeskee EXCLUSIVE
7. Gel Rock- Curveball Beat by Daddy Kev
8. Matre of The League- 98 Degrees Beat by Jericho J
9. Rakaa Iriscience & K984- Lookout! Beat by Deeskee UNRELEASED
10. Awol One- Seeds Grow Produced by Grouch
11. Subtitle- Subtalk Beat by Joseph Dub
12. Ex Vandalz feat. Rakaa & 2Mex- Industry Standard Remix Produced by Deeskee
13. Prince Po & Black Silver EXCLUSIVE Produced by Deeskee
14. 2mex, Lord Zen, Joe Dub, Liferexall & Die- Don't REMIX by Deeskee EXCLUSIVE
15. Die- All Of Me album version Produced By Deeskee
16. Mestizo- Hello Goodbye Produced By Deeskee EXCLUSIVE
17. Maleko & Spaceranger- Abnormal Psychology Remix EXCLUSIVE Produced by Deeskee
18. SP83 & Nocando- BOOM! EXCLUSIVE Produced by Deeskee
19. Aspect 1- Create A Following REMIX EXCLUSIVE Produced by Deeskee
20. 2Mex & LMNO EXCLUSIVE Produced by Oh No
21. Chainsmokers- Rock Rhymes Produced by Mum's The Word
22. The League feat. Awol One & Existereo- All About the Rhyme Produced by Jericho J
23. Perk One Ex Vandalz- American Graffiti Produced By Mek One and Lars Weiss
24. Deeskee feat. The Shapeshifters, Subtitle, Perk One, Jizzm, Matre, OMD, Busdriver & Phoenix Orion- Wind it Up Produced by YOU KNOW WHO

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