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Monday, May 08, 2006

Eddie K on the cover of Mesh Mag

Eddie K - Mesh Cover Story

Really nice to see this former 99th Dimension member getting some due shine, and the cover story, no less. That "Ghetto Stash" track (featured on Ross Hogg and B-cause's Slump and Grind 2 mix) along with "S.F. Hyphy" gets constant rotation around here. If you search back in the archives, you know we've been long time fans. Anyway, check out the article, video, or visit Eddie on his myspace page.

PS-Eddie K freestyles "So Much Drama In The Industry" produced by DJ Marz on the Easy Rider 7" available in the store

Eddie K on myspace
Buy the Ghetto Stash 12" @
Ghetto Stash video


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