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Monday, August 29, 2005

Dave Dub interview

Read the new interview with Dave Dub courtesy of the Diggin' Music Blog.

Any valuable advice you might have collected over the years for aspiring MC's out there?

Stay away from fake, 6 faced people, style the way you want to, don't do hard drugs and get all the pussy, money and spirituality that you can...

Dave, you’re a busy man and your time’s highly appreciated. Please forgive the long-winded questions and thanks again. Do you have any last words, shouts, or F.U.’s?

Yeah, fuck all you faggots that front. Dave Dub and the Sutter Cain Gang don't even exist.
[...Dave Dub interview]

The good folks at Grand Good will be releasing Dave Dub's new album "Programmed D" very soon.

Diggin Music Blog
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