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Sunday, August 28, 2005

nocando vs. buddha tai at scribble jam 2005 video

photo courtesy of bastard artist

Nocando. If you haven't heard the name before, you will.

Nocando is probably most well known for his prowess as a battle rapper, and was this years westcoast representative at Scribble Jam. He's also been referred to as "the future of the Blowed," and was recently featured on the 10th Anniversary Blowed Compilation with his crew Customer Service.

We had been hearing about Nocando for well over a year before we finally had a chance to peep his Impatient EP, and some choice unreleased tracks. In an age of over-hype, he was definitely a breath of fresh air, one that lived up to all the talk.

Check Nocando out on the new Ellay Khule album "In My Own World", on Joe Dub's "Pooretry" or on Subtitle's "Young Dangerous Heart"

Nocando vs. Buddha Tai at Scribble Jam 2005

Nocando on myspace

Project Blowed
Bastard Artist (photographer)


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