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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

mingering mike 45 and book!

Posted by Secret Chimp:

I'm very happy to announce that I just signed a book contract for a Mingering Mike book!

It'll primarily be an art book, but also included will be text written by myself, Neil Strauss who wrote the NYT article last year, and Jane Livingston, who wrote the seminal book "Black Folk Art in America" in the early 80s.

It'll be published by Princeton Architectural Press , a small publishing company which puts out really beautiful books. Put simply, this book is going to be very, very dope. We anticipate that it will be released some time next summer.

ALSO, the website ( is up and running. Big BIG thanks to Delay who did a fantastic job with it (and who put up with my anal revisions like a champ).

On the site there's a gallery where you can check out album covers, 45 labels, and even listen to some Mingering recordings. Be sure to sign up for updates so that we can let you know about any new developments.

AND THERE'S MORE! Stay tuned for a Mingering Mike 45 to be released in collaboration with none other than our bad ass Vanguard Squad. All of the artwork will be original, even the labels. It'll be just what he dreamed of when he made the cardboard record. Big thanks to Bambouche for all his help in transferring the reels and in offering to put out the 45.

Mike's beside himself with all of this and can't believe any of this happening. I can't tell you how good it feels to tell him about all the interest in his work and in the projects people are proposing. His face lights up every time.

Mingering Mike
Vanguard Squad


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