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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Journey In to Youtube Weirdness

Services like Youtube and Google video have been providing hours of brain numbing fun, on the random streaming video tip. If you haven't been to these sites before, they are essentially searchable video databases. They are hardly all-encompassing (since they are fairly new) but they have enough to offer, to give myspace a run for it's money, in terms of time wasting.

Stuff I've found, which you can easily look up yourself. eddie k and dj quest - ghetto stash video, rappin 4 tay-playaz club , eric b and rakim videos, eddie hazel live!, afro sheen commercial, kinks preforming waterloo sunset, distortion 2 static on google video (bay area hip-hop show), sun ra, kiss doll commercial, dodge charger 500, commodore 64 with william shatner.....As you can see it's a glorious cess pool of pop culture!

The best clip i've found is a very early Parliament live preformance from 1969. George Clinton's mohawk is truly next level. Interestingly enough, this is apparently from the same Boston cable access.TV show that Stark Reality/Monty Stark appeared on called "Hey Brother."

Please read my exhaustive tutorial for more on how to save you tube videos to your computer.


Anonymous Yamayuyu said...

"Please read my exhaustive tutorial for more on how to save you tube videos to your computer"

I'm sure we'd all love to

Where is it?

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