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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mizell Brothers

I never thought I'd see the day when the Mizell Bros got their much deserved due.

However it seems, that following, the recent release of the Blue Note compilation simply entitled "Mizell" the duo is finally getting their shine. The compilation collects some of their best loved productions, along with some previously unheard tracks. Even Wax Poetics, gave a proper nod to the Mizell's music, in their latest Issue 15/Feb March 2006.

"The Mizell Brothers made Blue Note the hippest record label of the 1970s, even if it infuriated the jazz purists. Archie Shepp and the jazz avant-garde also had a knack for incensing the critics. We've got beautiful photos showing how real their movement was. And we finish up our talk with David Axelrod, who never got his own critical due."

I know that their music has had a deep impact on Joe and Alex 75. And even before I knew who the Mizell's were I was unwittingly enjoying the sound of songs like Donald Byrd's "Wind Parade" and Bobbi Humphrey's "Black and Blues." Check out this little known song they produced for Marvin Gaye called "Where Are We Going" for a taste of that trademark genius.

Larry Mizell was recently interviewed on the Gilles Peterson show, which you can download for a limited time below.

ghetto mizell brother fan page with tons of great info
get your copy here
listen to the gilles peterson interview


Blogger Diggidy said...

any chance on a re up for this man, pleassssssssssssse been looking for it everywhere? was delighted when i found it here, buts its been taken down, i know its old but any chance you could even send it to me, my email is


9:23 AM  
Blogger Diggidy said...


p.s its the interview with giles peterson and mizzell that i really want and if you was super fresh the marvin gaye track too, hoping you can hook me up, thanks dude

9:26 AM  
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