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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Original Content / Trackback

I would like to make 2006 the year that I commit more time to original content on this blog. Xerox copied link after link is cool, but I know we can do better. Somehow running a label and spouting opinions on a blog, seem to have a very basic conflict of interest, but I think it can be done, if done right. And anyways, this is mostly for amusement and informing. Right? Right.

So, in celebration of that new years resolution, we're starting a new feature called Trackback.

"Track Back, is a new, semi-regular feature here at the Asita Blog. Track Back was designed to pry classics off hissy dubs, with a focus on missed hits and b-sides. Generally it's purpose is to revisit those people,places, and things that may have been lost in the shuffle."

note: please feel free to send in suggestions or soundclips to I want to try to update this one at least once a week so keep em coming!

Check M.fusions blog for lots of original thought and info about his new album. Nice layout!


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