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Friday, December 30, 2005

Ex-Vandalz 12" feat PerkOne, Deeskee,Bleek,Ellay Khule, Raaka, Exist, Xololanxinxo and more!

The new Ex Vandalz 12" EP Industry Standard is available at now! It will be coming to the Asita Store soon. Joe has a beat on the track "Rally Ex" featuring Exist, Khule, and Xinxo...but really the whole thing is banging. Check out full length clips here:

tracklist includes

Industry Standard Deeskee remix
featuring Raaka Irsicience of Dilated Peoples and 2MEX of the Visionaries
produced by deeskee

Rally Ex
featuring Existereo of the Shapeshifters, Ellay Khule of the Hip Hop Kclan and Xololanxinxo of Of Mexican Descent and was produced by Joe Dub

Industry Standard
featuring Raaka Iriscience of Dilated Peoples and was produced by Vyente Ruffin, Perk One and Edward Vernon

Style Messiahs
featuring Meck One, Bleek, and K984 of the C2D Crew

featuring DJ Lime, L.O.R.D. and Recworm of the Smashpop Collective

Hubcaps and Mudflaps
featuring Bleek, Awol One and Akuma of The Shapeshifters

American Graffiti
produced by Meck One and Lars Weiss

plus instrumentals of Industry Standard remix and Style Messiahs


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muchas gracias, lovin' this right now

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