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Sunday, January 22, 2006

E40 and Keak - Tell Me When To Go

The new
E-40 and Keak track "Tell Me When To Go" has the internet goin nuts. When I first heard this song I wasn't too impressed, and to tell you the truth it made me a little concerned about what the upcoming E-40 album "Ghetto Report Card" would sound like. With countless records and guest spots under his belt, Forty Water has yet to disappoint or compromise, and this after 15 plus years of making music. So you can see the reason for my high standards regarding this make or break album.

I'm happy to say that the song grew on me, and I realized the main reason why I wasn't feeling the song was due to Keak's verse, and the so-so beat. I think he's capable of better. The "Bay 101" thing at the end struck me as corny too. But that's another post entirely. This shit is catchy, and I guess that's basically what the audience is asking out of a mainstream hit, so it succeeds in that.

The slick black and white video for "Tell Me When To Go" is definitely worth checking out.

watch Tell Me When To Go
or Keak - Super Hyphy


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