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Friday, February 17, 2006

Questlove on Jay Dee

Rather than attempt to post yet another Jay Dee tribute blog, I've decided to pass along this link instead. It's a heartfelt and personal post made by Questlove of the Roots, describing his friendship with Jay Dee, his apprehension with funerals, and much, much more.

"i attended about 5 funerals before this and most when I was real young….so this is the first time I delt with unexpected tragedy---because most of the funerals I attended were for people age 80 and up and I don't grieve more than less celebrate their long life on earth. So that said this is the first time that i have felt utterly comfortable in a funeral setting. at least enough to express my personal grief.

kinda weird walking up ----(i was late i admit. I was going to play drums and I realized that I had no drumsticks so I arrived 10 mins into the service)----to see the people i saw--both whom i have been life long friends with....and some whom I've had friction with---all in the same circle. i started to feel uncomfortable again.

but then i realized that this day was about dilla and not me.

part of me felt underdressed (house shoes---a key figure to getting slum village exposure pre qtip meeting--- made me feel at ease once he came in jeans and tshirt), part of me felt uncomfortable (the last time i saw ali shaheed it was not under the best of circumstances), part of me felt like running away (the site of headstrong erykah crying made me not to want to walk inside), and part of me felt helpless again (i ended my 5 month silence from dangleo yesterday as i spoke to him for the first time since his fatal accident that almost took his life away. i expressed my fear of staying in contact with him for fear that i would get the call that i got about dilla's death last friday and that is something i CANT take)—

but part of me felt strong.

it was so uplifting to see the musicworld in full view today. all of the mavericks there. from a&r's, to CEOs, to directors, to A listers, to "backpackers", to blingers.---cats from waaaaaaaaaaaaaay across europe to down the street."

Read the rest, here.

Rest in Peace


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