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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Trackback #1 - NONCE - Sight Of Things

Track Back, is a new, semi-regular feature here at the Asita Blog. Track Back was designed to pry classics off hissy dubs, with a focus on missed hits and b-sides. Generally it's purpose is to revisit those people,places, and things that may have been lost in the shuffle. We also have plans for interviews and podcasts in the future, so stay up!

First up we have a track by the Los Angeles group the Nonce, which was Sach a.k.a. Nouka Bass and his partner Yusef Lateef (R.I.P). This crew was an unstoppable force in the mid-nineties and probably most well known for a track called "Mixtapes." Most of this classic Nonce material came out on Rick Ruben's short lived major label Wild West a division of American. The song is called "Sight of Things" and is one of my favorite songs of all time.

Listen to Sight of Things (track)

Today, Sach is still making music with Omid, Deeskee, members of Project Blowed, and on his own. See him most recently on an album with Omid entitled 5th Avenue or on the 10th Anniversary Project Blowed compilation.

You can peruse his discography here. Or support and purchase his music at la2thebay. They carry most of his new releases, plus 2 cd's of older previously unreleased Nonce material!

Editors Note: I really had no idea that Sight of Things EP existed on vinyl until I started looking for Nonce related records on e-bay about a year ago. From what I've heard, this release was never authorized by the group (they were parting ways with Wild West at the time), and are pretty to turn up.

Oddly the real attraction, on e-bay anyway, is the Picnic Song 12" that came out right before the EP.

Trackback Bonus Cut: Picnic Song

Note: These tracks are for evaluation and promotion purposes only. If you are an artist who wants your track taken down, please e-mail us. Most tracks disappear after 7 days anyway.


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