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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Addendum to the Ghetto Primer/YouTube Downloads/An easier way?

All of you technophobes, and those of you who half heartedly skimmed through my boring tutorial, will be pleased to know that I've discovered a much better/easier/faster way method.

Remember how I had briefly mentioned, and virtually written off vdownloader application, in my previous post? Well it turns out that the problem with the player was on my end, not with the application itself. Basically, while I had installed the ffmpeg converter, I had extracted the application itself on to my desktop. It is vital that you install all of these components in to the same folder for them to work properly. Once, I did that (which in retrospect is basic common sense), it's smooth sailing. The program is pretty self-explanatory.

I'd like to note that the humble creator of this program, a guy by the name of Enrique Puertas, contacted me directly to help troubleshoot my issues with the program. You can check out our conversation on the original post in the comments section. The wonders of google triumph again!

So yep, Vdownloader passes Asita's quality control facility with flying colors! Please support benevolent coders.

I've been getting great feedback on the "Ghetto Primer" regarding Youtube downloads and I thank everyone for their questions, comments, and links.

By the way, I uploaded the hilarious Shapeshifters - Circuit City video for those of you who missed it.



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