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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

new releases on 247 records

As posted by BobbyDollars of 247 Records:

Whatsup folks. Peep our next release at 247 Records, superdope!
Release date 5th of September.

Mum's the Word - Evolution EP - vinyl only

Limited pressing, 1000 pcs.

Side A
1. Follow the Path feat.3MG (ELIGH, MURS & SCARUB) RAM | MP3
2. They Wanna Rap feat.BUSDRIVER RAM | MP3
3. The Beretta Factor feat.MIKAH 9 RAM | MP3
4. The Caffiend feat.SUBTITLE (BONUS TRACK) RAM | MP3



This one we made for the Subtitle tour in Europe, June 2005. The great man is really named Giovanni Marks and he is such a cool guy and we like almost every move he make.

Giovanni states "It´s ok L.A. i´m on top of it" which should calm down anyone in Cali that are a little bit worried. Then he raps on about a lot of other interesting things for 5 minutes. The record is self produced by Subtitle.

This little piece of weirdness is pressed in 500 copies. Please visit for more info!

Side A
1.Secretive Operative RAM |MP3

Side B


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