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Friday, August 19, 2005

Lynn Ness 12" feat. Sach! Download the mp3

From the debut 12" release on
New Medina for bay area producer Lynn Ness. In stores now! Features joints with Yesh (Siah & Yeshua), L*Roneous and Sach!

Peep the full mp3 of Droppin' Jew-els feat. Sach

Snippet of Ain't 2 Much feat. Yesh

Snippet of S. Step feat. L*Ron

The debut release from San Francisco Bay Area producer Lynn Ness is ripe with the new flavors people are craving, mixed with the time-tempered sensibility of a golden-age classic.

Yesh (Head Bop Music, Siah & Yeshua) sets things off on "Ain't 2 Much," an up-tempo track that deals with a retrospect of music and life. This is followed by the down-low feel of L*Roneous (Double Life, Dreamweavers) on "S. Step" and is rounded out nicely by the piano-laced "Droppin Jew-els" featuring Sach (The Nonce). Cuts on all three tracks are handled by Age. Vinyl all features instrumentals...nice!


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