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Friday, August 05, 2005

ellay khule NEWS

updates from

CALIFORMULA his new release WILL DROP Sept 20 on Project Blowed Decon

IN MY OWN WORLD produced by joe dub..has no release date but will be out real soon

Also 2 or 3 German projects in the works,with producers such as keyze soze and mika baba. Also a project being worked on in Sweden on 247 Records.

His latest release's are TARGET PRACTICE , FEMININE WILDS & A NEW MIXTAPE CALLED SUMMER THIS & SUMMER THAT . Also a new hiphop kclan cd to be dropped. It's not KHULE holding it up, ask dacto about that one...much love 2 all the supporters old & new..& thanks for all the people buying shyt from the store. Keep looking out. I update the items at least once a month now with cd's,shirts & hats in every color & size..from the one & only RIFLEMAN aka ELLAY KHULE. courtesy of,,

editors note: a bunch of new releases and gear were added to the khule store. the site will be update alot more frequently from now on...


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