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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Z-man - Show Up Shut Up and Rap EP [free download]

Z-man is a one of a kind. Been looking forward to some new Z shit for a long time. This free EP does not disappoint, featuring: Bored Stiff, Eddie Def, Eddie K., and more. Check it out!

Z-Man is back with his first solo effort since 2005's 'Don't Forget To Brag' with 'Show Up, Shut Up and Rap' off SF indie label Machete Vox. The 8 song, free-downloadable EP is much like a painters pallete, covering a wide spectrum of styles from cold lyricism on "Go Hard," to tales of bittersweet love on "Cupcakin" and party rockin on "Gurp Logo." With production from fellow San Francisco natives Boac and DNAEBEATS (producer and fulltime DJ for Gift Of Gab – Blackalicious), 'Show Up, Shut Up and Rap' finds Z in a new place sonically, but as with each preceding album it's the world he builds around the beats that make his work so unique. As he put it, "We have a gang of rappers, but there are only a few who stick out. Do you want to be another face in the crowd, or do you wanna be noticed?" With 'Show Up, Shut Up and Rap' there is no question Z-Man will stand out, and set the precedent for 'Six Pack Of Dynamite' which is to follow later this year.


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