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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Contra Band x Devin the Dude 45 available at

A quick note.. For all those in Europe who asked me to post once gets their shipment in, it's official, they finally have the Contra Band x Devin the Dude - Electronic World 45's in stock.


We've also redone the front of the site to include some of the newest items to hit the store. This includes the Ghesol - Chin Music CD (a must have album from Hawaii), Deeskee's picture disc (ltd to 300 copies) with Ikey of Mars Volta, and Factor's newest compilation 13 Stories. Full overhaul coming soon.

Also stay tuned for Cali Classics Vol. 1 - Ellay Khule - Rifleman b/w Knuckle Sandwich 45. It's coming next week!

Full Contra Band Stock List


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