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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

SFSM: Word of Mouth (via HW&W)

This post (originally discovered via the Cocaine Blunts tumblr) brought a smile to my face. It's hard to believe that it's been sixteen years since Word of Mouth dropped. From what I've heard less than 300 of these tapes were made. They were then mostly sold hand to hand, or via P-minus' mail order distro ATAK. WOM was recorded in the early days of SFSM when it was just the founding members of the group, Charlie and Corey.

For those who don't know San Francisco Street Music was a tight knit group of friends/musicians that came up in the city in the early to mid 90's. What was dope about street music was the level of honesty and passion that dripped from every song. They often stated that their goal was to make enduring music for the every man. I think they've succeeded.

This rediscovery comes at the perfect time as we've just cracked open a number of boxes from our storage in San Francisco. Among the hundreds of cassettes and video tapes in those boxes, we found a one of a kind WOM "outtakes" cassette that we'll be scanning in soon. It's also the perfect segue to our tape trading post which will include a lot of crazy finds. Stay tuned for that.



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